Apparently, Halsey’s new single “Nightmare” makes people drive 100 MPH if they aren’t paying attention.

If you’re driving, have points on your record, and are really trying to avoid speeding, you probably shouldn’t listen to Halsey’s new single “Nightmare.” Halsey’s getting praise, and rightfully so, after responding and paying off a $250 speeding ticket from one of her fan’s who low-key blamed her new song for causing her to speed at triple-digit speeds in a 70 MPH zone.

Check out the twitter exchange that’s since gone viral below. OP’s twitter account is private but someone managed to screenshot the tweets for posterity’s sake.


Reportedly, Penn State student Francesca was driving home after finals in a stretch of freeway with a 70 MPH speed limit. In the middle of listening to Halsey’s Nightmare, police cruisers lit her up and pulled her over. Her ticket says 99 MPH but you know as well as I whatever police wrote down, they were probably just being lenient seeing this is, according to her, the first time she’s ever been pulled over.

What a brilliant PR move by Halsey, although she’ll probably never admit this was more than just being nice. For that $250, I’ve already spotted more than a dozen articles written about her kindness. As of this writing, Halsey’s tweet in reply to Francesca has been RT’d more than 5,000 times and counting, not to mention the close to 100,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments. It really does pay to be nice.

And what about her song, Nightmare. Everyone knows that good music, particularly fast songs have an effect on how we feel when driving. According to research cited by I Drive Safely, it’s the songs that elevate the heart rate above resting we should watch out for.

I’ve tapped out Halsey’s quite unscientifically on and supposedly Nightmare bumps at 145 BPM. Combine that with the ragey angst the song is about and ya, any college female will go bananas if they aren’t paying attention to their speeds.

Has music ever made you speed well beyond the posted limit? Let me know about your own experience in the comments below.


  1. This is showing my age; Led Zeppelin’s ‘Gallows Pole’ had me driving my ’68 GTO way too fast back in the day.


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