If you ever find yourself pulling off for gas in the city of Fowler right off the 99, you’d better keep your eyes peeled for this 2019 Toyota Camry in your rear view.

It looks like the City of Fowler, Calif’s police department (population 5,570 btw) had some money left over in their budget for new vehicles because they’ve got something, full-sized, black, and reliable added to their fleet. According to Fowler’s police department, they’re warning the thousands that reside in their fair city that they’re out and about in something that isn’t your bog-standard police cruiser.

Check out their newest toy below.

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As per their cover photo, someone really thought it was a smart idea to announce this newest acquisition on Apr. 1 but that’s a different story. From the side, there’s no mistaking who’s the owner of this car but from the front and rear, the only indication that this car’s a set of wheels of the law is the integrated red and blue flashers that aren’t visible until it’s too late.

No clue what’s under the hood but since this is one of the newer Camry’s even it’s NA 2.5L inline four cylinders has enough grunt to keep up with the baddies with 203 HP and 184 lb-ft. If it’s the V6, you’d better watch out with that stout 3.5L putting out 301 HP and 267 lb-ft. Then again, this could be one of those new Hybrids which would vault MPG up to 53 combined.

In a statement explaining their purchase, Fowler PD said,

As we are always looking for ways to save public funds, we feel strongly the Toyota Camry can hold up to the demands of our profession. If it can, we believe this vehicle will offer better fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance costs in the long term. This patrol unit is a prototype vehicle currently being road tested to ensure its feasibility for patrol functions.

A Camry should do just fine, in my opinion, as far as police duties are concerned. Camry’s are as reliable as the rising of the sun.

Some people are upset that this Calif. police department is using a vehicle few can recognize as an actual police car, citing safety. They do have a point.

There have been several cases, as of late, of police impersonators pulling over motorists and dressing them down for no good reason.

This story from Fort Worth, TX got a lot of attention last year when a fake cop in a Black SUV pulled over a woman and sexually assaulted her before fleeing.

I’ve come across a handful of stories here in California of fake police pulling over motorists and berating them in a fit of road rage.

If you ever feel threatened by the possibility of a fake undercover police vehicle, go ahead and call 911 to confirm with the dispatcher that the undercover car pulling you over is indeed a cop.

If you can’t do that, drive to the nearest police station or public area like a Starbucks if you’re not familiar with your surroundings.

Then again, this is Fowler we’re talking about. The only people this Camry’s going to be pulling over, in all likelihood, are locals. Word gets around pretty quick in small towns who to watch out for.

What do you think about a Camry for police duties? Do you think stealth is necessary? Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


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