Italian based coach builders Intermeccanica built two Ford Mustang Station Wagons but this one is not one of them. This Mustang Wagon was meant for Dutch Royalty.

Browsing through Facebook earlier last week, I saved a post about a Ford Mustang Shooting Brake Prototype that really caught my eye. Painted in orange with period correct hubcaps a shooting brake design and what other people are calling a wagon, it blew my mind seeing an iconic classic car modified like this.


Turns out there’s a somewhat interesting and proud history behind these Mustang Wagons that’s been replicated throughout the years.

1933 Packard Speedster Build
1933 Packard Speedster Build

However, this Mustang is special. It was commissioned just for a Dutch Prince so he could go hunting with his Mustang, it’s been kept in the royal family for decades and is still found roaming around the Netherlands today albeit with one notable exception.


Car and Driver did a piece on the original Ford Mustang Wagon Shooting Brake Prototypes that never were. Basically, three industrious Americans shipped a Mustang to Turin based coach-builders Intermeccanica where they transformed a 260 HP, 289 V8 Automatic Mustang into a shooting brake. Two were made.

At least one was shipped back to America for approval by Ford. Ford said in more or less words, “No way.” I think there was something about having an outsider design an American wagon that rubbed Ford management the wrong way.

Dutch Prince

The story goes that Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands had this 1965 Ford Mustang delivered to him brand new and unmolested. According to, Prince Bernhard had it converted to a shooting brake, so he could use it when going hunting. Job was done in the Netherlands by Hollandia sunroofs.

There’s also fairly extensive documentation of this Mustang on Flickr found here. These photos, taken around 1998, show the car being taken out from under its covers presumably transferring ownership from the Royal Dutch family to a new custodian.

Dealership photo

Googling around, I’ve come across this awesome Ford dealership photo of this Dutch-built Ford Mustang. I’m going to assume that after work was done by N.V Haarlmsche Auto Centrale, they used the station wagon for a bit of advertising work.

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How awesome is this photo of a Ford Mustang Station Wagon doing tow duties if only for the camera?

Also, there’s some advertising evidence showing this wagon being advertised for sale if some rich Dutch individual ponied up the money (no pun intended) for something quite unique.

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Whereabouts today

Rumor is that this once Dutch royalty owned Mustang is still on the road today and has been resprayed a nice light blue.

Photos of this Dutch Mustang wagon also come courtesy of 

Keen eyes will notice that the plates are the same as the original Mustang Wagon.

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For what it is, and with the power that it’s packing, this is probably my favorite variant of the Mustang today.

I would love to see a fabricator turn a modern day Mustang into a shooting brake. We certainly have the capabilities to fab one up on the computer before taking Sawzall to metal.

What do you think about this unique one-off? Amazing right? Let me know your .02 in the comments below.

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  1. The Mustang wasnt owned by Bernhard for a long time, it was sold to Ford dealer ENTAM. They put it in their basement where it remained for a long time until they went bankrupt.


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