No one really knows why this cat is doing sit-ups but netizens are here for it and wish the cat all the best in its training.

What do you do if you see a cat doing sit-ups? Well, first of all, you leave the cat alone because a cat training is a cat on a mission. Next, you whip out your phone like these presumably Chinese netizens did and start recording.

A video that’s been going viral on and off the past couple of months, for good reason obviously, finally came across my Twitter feed earlier this week. For some odd reason, this white cat really is doing its best to do sit-ups, or that’s what it looks like, anyways.

Check out the silly little video for yourself below.

At first glance, this white cat’s got his hind paws on the bumper with his belly bent, back on the ground. The short video clip has the cat going at it for a good 20 seconds.

The cat only stops when a pair of strollers pass by it.

If I’m going to be serious for a moment, I’m sure cats don’t have a concept called exercise, especially if they’re in the wild. Cats naturally stay fit just by being a cat.

Some commenters think that most likely this cat is just extra frisky if you catch my drift and is getting to a scratch that, well, only getting in this position can scratch.

I think that his paws are stuck and he’s trying his darndest to get his bean pods unstuck.

Twitter, being what it is, dropped some hilarious replies which I’m sharing below.

Why do you think this cat’s getting fit? Let me know in the comments below.


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