Not surprisingly, some Toyota dealerships are still replacing whole frames for Tacoma, Tundra, and Sequoia

According to VW Vortex Member “VeeDubGTI” earlier this week (May 24, 2019) there’s a stack of fresh Toyota Tacoma frames ready for frame replacements behind a Toyota dealership presumably in Maine. Confirmed by several other members, this means Toyota is still knee deep in its settlement deal with a “recall” that set them back $3.4 Billion in 2016.

Here’s what the stack of frames looks like behind his dealership below.

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As per “VeeDubGTI”

…I noticed an abundance of Tacoma frames. New ones sitting on pallets, and rusted out ones in a pig pile. Is this still an on-going thing? I vaguely remember the frames being replaced or the trucks being bought back in the early 2000’s. 15+ years later, I see this.

If you didn’t already know, back in 2016, Toyota agreed to set up a fund of $3.4 Billion that would go towards a settlement, without admitting guilt, for 2005-2001 Toyota Tacoma, 2005-2008 Sequoias, and 2007-2008 Tundras, potentially 1.5 million Toyota’s.

The rust issues were from a batch of improperly, or lack therof, coated frames for rust proofing from Ohio based Dana Corp. Although Toyota won a multi-million dollar lawsuit against them, they end up in the red with so many frames needing to be replaced.

If you have one of the aforementioned Toyota trucks and live in a cold climate where slush and road salt can corrode heavy metals, most likely your frame would start to rot beyond repair, necessitating a full frame replacement.

By now, if you’re an owner affected by this settlement and haven’t taken any action, I’d be hard-pressed to believe you because Toyota’s sent out numerous letters to owners and it’s been in the news for years.

Frame settlement details can be found here. 

Googling around, according to some in the know, there are garages where all they do is frame replacements. It is, to say the least, labor intensive.

Check out this photo of a Tacoma mid frame replacement.

Just another frame replacement, nothing to see here. from r/Justrolledintotheshop


There are even videos on YouTube of Toyota techs taking you through a step-by-step process.

No one knows when the last new replacement frame will be ordered but it looks like not anytime soon.

Have you had a frame replaced by Toyota? What are your .02? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I Have a 2002 Tacoma 4×4 in Alaska & have never been notified by Toyota of a Frame Warranty extension. I only found out of the problem when my frame broke apart a few weeks ago & Toyota says the Program is Closed. Is this True or are they trying to get out of this ?

    • From what I understand, the settlement is not over until 2022 since the settlement covers the newest eligible vehicle, a 2010 Tacoma, for up to 12 years. That being said I’m reading the FAQ on and unfortunately, I don’t think your Tacoma is covered under the terms of the settlement.

      Since I’m not an expert on the matter and I might’ve missed something, I’d encourage you to join a Tacoma specific forum, like this one, and ask some Tacoma owners on what to do.

      You can also contact the lawyers involved in my first link with the list of eligible vehicles.

      Finally, I’d call around other Toyota dealerships in the area who are more familiar with the settlement and/or warranty extension.

      The program is definitely not over, that I can say for sure.

      • Who is the lawyer
        My friend took his 06 tumdra under warranty and they only fixed the rear
        Now because the front was not done its rusted and they won’t do anything
        Not even give him 6000 to buy it back
        He has cancer and this is the last thing he needs to have to deal with
        His truck looks new as it is taken care of

        • I’m in a very similar position. Took my ’05 in right away when the recall first happened and they “inspected” and sprayed it. It now looks like a disaster under the truck. My truck is in excellent condition, well maintained and only has 77K miles on it so it mechanically and cosmetically is like new. Can’t get anyone to buy it because of the rust and Toyota says I am out of luck. Lesson’s learned: Don’t respond to a recall like this immediately because you will be screwed. If I had waited a year or two my frame probably would have been replaced because the rust damage would have been worse. Second, don’t by a Toyota truck ever again. Toyota doesn’t take care of their mistakes.

          • I am in the same position I bought My truck used and never received a notice. Now they say my time has expired to have it fixed!!! how can that be if it is rusted it is rusted. Put as everyone says just don’t buy the Toy buy Honda

  2. I have a completely rusted (broken) frame 2000 tacoma only 60 k miles. Toyota and my dealers said years ago that I was too late.

    • I bet there are still a lot of Tacoma owners that are at a lost like us. We have a 2000 Tacoma pre runner that still runs good but the frame is badly rusted and is dangerous to drive and Toyota’s response is sorry about your luck your chance to have it repaired by Toyota had expired. It’s your choice to drive it around knowing it’s dangerous to be driven in the road, sell your headache for cheap to the next unfortunate owner but you will never get any help from Toyota for repair because they don’t care about their customers. I brought this truck to the service center and they didn’t do anything. They said it was fine. 8 years later, it is a hazard to drive.

  3. I own a 2002 Toyota Tacoma 4 door crew cab. My frame rusted through and the rear of the bed dropped. Called Toyota corporate and was told nothing they could do to help me. I never received a recall notice. In fact I had my truck at the local dealership in 2015 for a spare tire bracket, and they never said anything about the frame. Is there anything I might be able to do?

    • I bought a used ’99 Tacoma in 2001. I didn’t put too many miles on it and around 2009 I noticed the frame had rusted through and one side of the cab broke off it’s “L” brackets and was just bouncing off the frame. A friend of mine looked at it and did a little research and found the recall. Of course the Toyota dealer wasn’t very helpful, but I contacted corporate and they sent me a letter to give to my dealer honoring the recall. The dealer condemned the car on the spot and wouldn’t let me get the truck back. In the end I got a free 30 day rental and a check for 1 1/2 times Blue Book value. Because of the lower than average miles I really made out and because the dealer was just so helpful I went and bought a Honda.

  4. I own a 2002 Toyota Tacoma 4 door crew cab. My frame rusted through and the rear of the bed dropped. Called Toyota corporate and was told nothing they could do to help me. I never received a recall notice. In fact I had my truck at the local dealership in 2015 for a spare tire bracket, and they never said anything about the frame. Is there anything I might be able to do?

  5. I live Massachusetts my 2007 Tacoma was undercoated in 2014,September 30,2019 had the truck in for the rear spring safety recall and low and hold the dealership found holes in my frame the body mounts to be more specific.When I dropped the truck off the day before the frame had no holes in it.The manager told me the tech did nothing to my frame.Toyota corporate says the campaign is over nothing they’re going to do.Dealership says there not responsible.The frame had surface rust no gaping holes on the body mounts that I have now. Stay tuned I’m not going away yet

  6. I have a 2006 Tacoma. I bought this pre-owned in 2016. When I purchased this pre-owned from Toyota Universe in Little Falls, NJ, the chassis was wet with black undercoating. The coating has dried and fallen off since then to reveal a horror of a deteriorating frame. This Tacoma was called back to install new leaf springs as per an open recall. Any mechanic changing these out would be forced to see the frame rot directly above the shackle. I feel that this dealership deliberately deceived me regarding the frame condition by covering it up with the black coating. Can you point me in the right direction. Thanks!

    • I had same thing. Took it in for recalls. They replaced the springs. I asked 3x was there anything else that needed to be done. They said no. Took it in for insprction and they said it flunked due to all the holes. Guy told me trade it in with 0 finance or pay 15k new frame. As if it was just 15 bucks.

    • I did the same thing and my frame is rusted so bad that it is a danger to drive.I got in touch with Toyota and they said there was nothing I could do but fix it myself,that the recall has expired.I bought it used,not knowing about a recall.Any idea what I should do?

  7. I have a 2004 Toyota Tacoma 4dr SR5 and the frame is dangerously shot. We need it repaired and don’t have the money to do you it. Help me please

    • I just got told by my garage that the frame on my 2002 Tacoma is shot and unsafe to drive, I just purchased this last year, nobody said anything to me, any idea’s how to get this fixed.

  8. I recently purchased ( Feb.2019 ) a used Toyota Tacoma 2001 year for my son to have a starter vehicle we are three weeks away from getting licence and now find out the vehicle is unsafe because of frame rusted into, I spent 5,000.00 of my tax money excited for him to have something to drive. The previous owner said the frame had been re-coated . Checked and it had been re coated in 2010 .Took it in to a mechanic for spring being broken and he stated it was unsafe only a matter of time till frame breaks. I called Toyota dealership near me and they stated they would have an adviser return my call …after speaking to adviser he stated that the recall on my vehicle ended Sept. 29 2016. Spoke to the previous owner and he stated he didn’t own it in 2016 . But that his friend had a 2002 model and they had just recently replaced the frame on hers for the same reason. SO here i sit with a truck that runs well body is in good shape it has high mileage but I knew that… like I said needed something affordable for my son to drive …its hard enough for a parent to worry about a teen and driving but putting them in a vehicle that is a danger to them is something I cannot do nor can I try to sell it to someone else to take that chance. If he was to wreck and God forbid get killed I don’t want that on me. I would rather try to help people with this problem regardless of the recall date than to put innocent lives at stake. I made a mistake spending my money on it …. everyone says just weld it.. I shouldn’t have to… a new frame regardless of previous owners not taking advantage of the recall . The truck I have is useless to me simply because I’m not willing to take a chance on a child I’m suppose to protect . IF THIS WAS YOUR LOVED ONE WHAT WOULD YOU DO TOYOTA ? 3.4 billion to go towards 2001-2005 tacomas and others . If a frame breaks and someone is killed or injured and they reached out to you as I’m doing and many others they would sue it would be alot more cost efficient to replace what was never right from day one . Step up and replace these frames .

    • I’m a Toyota Tacoma owner and prior to this issue Toyota had informed me of any issue. When I live in MA. I was notified. I moved to NC. I still received letters on other issues. But I never received a letter or notice about the Frames. They already knew there was an issue because they undercoated It in 2010 and replaced the spare wheel carrier in 2013 after my spare tire dropped out while I was driving down the road. I was a diehard Toyota fan before this, not anymore. Do what is right TOYOTA AND REPLACE THESE FRAMES.

  9. Same experience as Tammie dated November 2, 2019. Purchased 2006 Toyota Tacoma in October 2019 and being told extended warranty expired May 2019 for a frame replacement. Truck is deemed unsafe to drive. Lawsuit needs to be extended to all those that did not have frames replaced whether not contacted or an unsuspecting person buys unaware of Inferior steel and inferior rust coating on these trucks. Lawsuit should have put clause in for that as Innocent lives are are stake.

  10. I have a 2004 Toyota Tundra , the frame is rusted out and mechanic has said it is dangerous to drive. Is Toyota still fixing the rusted frames?

  11. cheaper for toyota to give the consumer the cost of frame replacement as a down payment on a new vehicle and stop putting money in 15 year old unsafe vehicles. toyota get these unsafe vehicles off the road now

    • I purchased a 2006 Tundra SR5 in 2016 and was never told about frame recall. Discovered a lg rust hole on frame and contacted Toyota dealer that informed me of recall but expired date. I was directed to Toyota corp and was informed same BS….. Why in the bl***y he** do you not replace this frame for a second owner!!! Dangerous rust and rot . I called a few times to corporate with no resolve and am stuck with a vehicle unsafe to drive or sell HELP!!!!!

  12. I have a 2012 TOYOTA Tacoma access cab and I just received a letter today from Toyota (12/8/19) that stated my Toyota tacoma might have frame problems. I live in the Buffalo NY area and NY is one of the states that is in the recall.I previously had a 2002 Tacoma that I traded in as soon as the BS started with the frames.Every year I have my 2012 sprayed with a product that they call rustaway and am hoping it is worth it. It cost about $120.00 and I personally think it is worth it as being a former employee at a Toyota dealership I have seen how they will go to all ends to avoid their responsibility.

    • Yes, I almost bought a 2015 from a Toyota dealer with a rusty frame. The salesmen told me they would spray it with an anti rust treatment and not to worry. The Taco has gone unsold for 2 months. The salesmen called me and told me to make any offer because the truck is going to the Auction Feb.1st. I told him to replace the frame and I buy it for the asking price. He told me that wasn’t an Option. Yeah, Buy a Rusty truck for $18,000 and I own both halfs when it breaks in half…That’s called the Oklahoma car warranty.

    • Yes, I was told by the dealership that they were told not to tell owners unless the owners asked for a frame inspection. I pay you to do the work on my vehicle and tell me of issues that I need to be aware of. I don’t look under my truck. I was completely unaware until A coworker informed me but than was told by Toyota that I was three months outside of my 15 year extension that I was never informed about.

  13. Hi all: I have a Tacoma 2006. I have not had the frame inspected to date. I did have it in for the leaf spring replacement about a year or so ago however, and no one at my dealership where I purchased the truck new in 2006, commented on the state of the truck frame. What I want to know is: Seeing that the June 2019 recall and replacement program in Canada has now supposedly ended, is there any hope of still getting the replacement done if there are enough owners who feel we have been poorly served by Toyota, and furthermore that the rust question is REAL SAFETY HAZARD?? If there is another class action suit to be joined – I want to to be informed and join in. Toyota Tacoma owners “unite”! Thanks for this website

    • I lived in the North East most of my life. Cars and truck have a lot of rust underneath but it’s the quarter panels that rust through not the frames. Toyota used the wrong steel and uninformed customers should not be left holding the short straw. Toyota is in the wrong.

  14. Can anyone tell me if the 2010 Sequoias are a part of the frame issues? I own a 2010 limited that spent it’s first 6 years in PA, I picked it up in NC and have some decent rusting but don’t think it’s an issue at this point. Haven’t had an inspection and can’t find anything online regarding the Sequoias, maybe speak to Toyota dealership?

  15. I just took my 2005 Tacoma in today for the frame inspection for the rust proofing still on recall.The tech reported the frame was too far gone.The sad thing is my truck spent about a week at the dealership 15 months ago to get my wiring harness replaced because rats ate it No one informed me of this recall on the frame inspection or replacement No recall notices were sent.
    I’ve owned this truck since January 2007 and it has been exposed to very little amounts of salt being I live on Vancouver Island where we get little snow.You would think Toyota would get it right by now and use a higher grade steel on frames and be more honest dealing with their customers.

  16. I just bought a 2005 tundra access cab about 2 months ago by the time I got it registered and was able to have work done on it I brought it to the Toyota dealer to have all the recalls done, I then preceded to bring it to my regular mechanic to have a right front bearing growl taken care of, I was told that my frame was rotted so I called the dealer back and he told me that Toyota is not fixing the frames anymore, can anyone give me tips on what to do ????, thanks Dave.

  17. Have a 99 tacoma owned it since 2001. Was told it was fine when recall was never coated doesn’t really matter when they rust from the inside out. Now paid out of my own pocket twice to have frame fixed. Not doing it a 3rd time. This is my first and last toyota. Doesn’t seam like they have learned yet. Must not care about people’s safety!

  18. I recently learned of this when my 2005 Toyota Tacoma would not pass state inspection in VA due to having two cracks in the frame and one hole in the frame. I had no idea. Never received a letter. When I called Toyota, they didn’t have my right phone number but dummy me didn’t think to ask what address they had on file.

    I took the time to point out to them that if you call the customer service number and press 5 it stills says the program is in process. It gives you a website to go to and it says it is ongoing. The recording says you can find dates as to when the program ended but you can’t. I was told by customer service that the program ended Jan 31, 2019. A year too late for me and they told me they wouldn’t help me at all. So my $11,000 Toyota is now worth $500 give or take.

    I emailed the lawsuit place to no avail apparently because after a week they still haven’t replied so I guess they could care less at this point too. It’s a shame. I love Toyota. Or I did. Like a coworker told me, Toyota’s will run forever but they don’t last at all. Best of luck to all of ya.

  19. Lee we are going through the same thing right now, We where told friday our 05 tacoma is no longer drivable and they will not inspect it. we still owe 6K on this truck we bought 2.5 years ago from a local toyota dealer. absolutely SICKENING!!! Ive only ever owned toyotas and i will NEVER give them another penny again!

  20. I am in the same boat. Have a 2001 Toyota Tacoma – the rust is so bad it’s not drive-able and the now the bed is cracked. We still owe over 6K. I have no clue what we are supposed to do with a vehicle that we cannot even drive!

  21. I have a 2005 Tacoma V6 TRD Sport that I bought new. This past week I brought the truck in for a leaf spring replacement and was told by the dealership that my frame had rotted to the point of it being unsafe to drive. I was told I missed the warranty deadline that was in 2019. I then found out on Google that the Tacoma Frame was covered in a lawsuit Settlement in the Central District of California. I never received a notification of such a settlement even though my truck qualified. I am trying to reason with Toyota and based on other’s experiences, I likely won’t get far going down this path. I am reasonable and would be willing to negotiate a credit amount toward a new truck and give up my truck (it’s immaculate and garaged 24/7 when not driven). My other option is to retain a lawyer and it costs everyone in that case.

  22. My brother has the same issue as all the above. He bought from a previous owner who the frame work resurfaced. He has owned the truck less than a year – when inspection time came, it didnt inspect and a whole new can of worms were opened up. We called Toyota, they said extension warranty was over and there was nothing they could or would do. It seems that we all need to contact another attorney to get every ones money back in order to purchase another truck elsewhere I do not think getting it re coated again and/or getting another Toyota will do the trick this time! This company needs to pay the price of their mistakes! Too many lives are on the line.

  23. I see a lot of questions here but no answers for our frame issues. I recently moved from Maryland to Pennsylvania. I paid $250 to tag and title my 2002 Tacoma and then I had a certain number of days to have it inspected. During inspection my mechanic found 3 large rust holes in various sections in the rear area of the frame and said he could not pass the vehicle per state law as it was unsafe. I called the local dealership and they told me I had to contact Toyota corporate headquarters, which I did. They stated that they would conduct an “investigation” and get back to me with the results, which they did, however they then stated that the time period for repair/replacement of the frame had expired and there was nothing they could do for me. Thing is, I got the (voluntary) recall notice years ago and took it in to have the necessary work done to correct the problem. Now about 8 years later the frame is shot and I’m to spend $5-15K to fix the frame so it passes inspection for a 19 year old 4×4 xtra cab truck with 273K miles on it? The body is in great condition and it runs great but clearly the “repairs” Toyota did in 2012 to fix the frame issues were grossly inadequate and now my only options are to donate the truck, sell to a junkyard for parts ($500), spend thousands repairing it myself or sue Toyota (both way too expensive) for shoddy manufacturing (inferior steel/weatherproofing/design) used on this truck. Can anyone suggest a course of action here? Right now that truck I’ve owned since early 2004 is merely a giant paper weight sitting in my garage. Please advise if you can help. Thanks

  24. I have never received a recall letter!! I have a 1999 Tacoma SR 5 Ext Cab. Love the truck! I have had it for about 15 years. It runs great. The rear frame rusted through about 3 years ago on both sides. Took it to several places and was told it could not be repaired! Did some research and found out this was a common problem with the Tacoma in these model years. Even found a couple of places that sold repair kits for the section of my frame that rusted through. I found a local machine shop and they were able to weld metal plates to the frame and save the truck. Just found out today, from my mechanic, that Toyota had recalled the truck due to this very problem. They are now additional areas that are showing signs of rusting through. Very disappointed in Toyota for producing such and inferior frame. The way it’s looking now, with 160,000 miles on the truck and it running very well, it will rust out before it’s time. So far, the repair job to the rear is holding up well. Looks like I am too late from what I am reading. Again, NEVER got a letter.

  25. So does anybody know what we Toyota owners can do? I have a 2003 Tacoma with 100k miles on it, but I hear that I have to get its frame replaced. Any ideas what I can do to get ahold of Toyota or their lawyers?

    John Pfaff

  26. Never got a letter and have a 2006 Tundra that has been the best truck but the rear frame has rusted thru. Now what can be done. My son loves this truck and is extremely upset

  27. A few weeks ago i bought a 2001 Toyota Sequoia Limited. I had it inspected by a Toyota dealership today, and was told it is UNSAFE TO DRIVE because of a rusted out frame. There should be no expiration dates as to when Toyota fixes the faulty frames !!!!

  28. Hi there 2005 my 2005 Toyota sequoia with a salvage Title qualify for a frame replacement?….. i definitely need one done.

    • Just had my 2005 tacoma in for inspection after having the frame rusted out. The dealership told me, that since my truck has a salvage title, that they won’t fix it. But they’ll fix the leaf springs that were recalled again! What I don’t understand they consider the leaf springs a safety hazard, but the frame is not? Total bullshit on their part. I have no idea what to do other than weld a piece of steel over it and sell it as is.

  29. I have a 2005 Tacoma that I’ve owned for about 2 years. Never got anything from toyota on recalls until I contacted them about my leaf springs which had a recall on them. Set up an appointment to get those fixed and they’d look and take care of some of the other recalls. When I picked it up after it was done, they said that the frame recall was over and I was stuck with what I have. This was like July or August of 2019. Had my gas tank crossmember rust completely off the drivers side, causing my gas tank straps to break, which was before the leaf springs and other recalls were taken care of. Used two ratchet straps to hold the tank up for now. Just ordered and received my new crossmember so after I change that out I can put my new gas tank straps on. Really bummed I was never told anything about it from Toyota when I bought it. Is there anything I can do to get the rest of the frame fixed? I’ve been told by garages that it’s starting to get holes in it.

  30. Hi All. Like all of you, I liked Toyota. I have 2001 Tacoma. I have tired to see if there a chance I could get a the frame replace. but no luck. Its Sad, cause I have been a fan of them for a long time. I live in Ontario. and we get lot of salt. I am not sure what to do. But I think something should be done.

  31. We have a 2003 Tacoma extra cab. Bought it new off the show room floor from a dealership in Cincinnati, Ohio. Like most folks on here we have the same issues. No notice, took in for spare tire recall and was told frame to unsafe to put on lift, call Toyota Corp. We did and got the same run around.
    Here we sit with a 2003 great motor and body but to unsafe to drive.
    Toyota needs to take care of their customers!!
    We have bought 6 new vehicles since 1988. Not no more!!

  32. I received a recall for the rear leaf springs on my 2006 Tacoma DCLB. Actually I received three letters informing me of this recall. When I took the truck in for the leaf springs I was informed the frame was rusted through and a loss. I never received a recall notice for the frame even though Toyota says they sent one September 21, 2017. Maybe it was put in another mailbox or something but I never received it, even though I received three for the leaf spring recall.
    Now I find myself with a truck with 84,000 miles on it and a total loss. I wish Toyota had been more aggressive letting me know of this recall because now they say there’s nothing they can do for me. I would be immediately taken the truck to be examined if I had received the frame recall. I love this truck and was hoping to have it for years to come.
    Anything that can be done would be greatly appreciated. Please help.

  33. I am going through the same thing with our 2006 Tacoma 4×4. We brought it in for rear leaf springs in 2016 and everything was hunky-dory, never said a word about the frame. I know that sounds like a lot of time for rust to happen but the truck only has 84,000 miles after 14 years! Always garaged. Not a bit of rust on the frame. Nada. Zilch. Toyota wants $14,000.00 to replace a frame that they knew was defective?
    If anybody has any answers I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  34. Just got off the phone w Toyota. I had written them a letter about my 2006 DCLB rusted out frame. They said they sent me a letter in 2017 and the program is closed now so I’m SOL.
    End of story.

    • Tim, I’m sorry to hear Toyota’s handeling it this way. Do you by chance live in the North East, seems it’s most prevalent here. With 84k miles the drivetrain has a lot of life left in it. I’m in Fredrick, MD. If you’re within a couple hundred miles and would consider selling it as a parts truck I would pay a premium for it.

  35. I have a 2007 Tacoma I bought new. I had to have one leaf spring replaced years ago. I paid for it myself, not thinking anything much of it. Then, I received a recall notice from Toyota to have the frame checked by a dealer. After it was “inspected” by the dealer, I was told it didn’t need replacement, but they would treat it to prevent rusting. I trusted them, foolishly, assuming they did the appropriate treatment. Last month, the power steering column had to be replaced. During the repair job, the mechanic found the brackets holding the gas tank had rotted off and one was totally broken off. The gas tank was being held by the remaining, also rotted out bracket. Both brackets were replaced. The mechanic (not a Toyota dealer) said the frame was very rotted, and the truck wouldn’t last long if it didn’t get treated. He didn’t even know if treating it would be feasible due to how much corrosion there is. I then decided to have it brought in during the next month for him to try to treat it. In the meantime, about two weeks later, the power steering started going again. This time, it was the power steering lines that were rotted. Those had to be replaced, as well. I’ve been told by the mechanic that he’s not sure what else will break off due to rot and corrosion as he attempts to scrape off the rust to treat the frame. I contacted Toyota, and received an email stating to call them to provide more information. I’m picking the truck up today since the most recent repairs have been completed. I wanted to hear the full report from the mechanic before calling Toyota back. Also, my mechanic said he can tell that no treatment was ever done on the frame. So much for the dealer doing what I was told was done. I will be calling Toyota to see if they’ll do anything.

  36. Just had my 2005 tacoma in for inspection after having the frame rusted out. The dealership told me, that since my truck has a salvage title, that they won’t fix it. But they’ll fix the leaf springs that were recalled again! What I don’t understand they consider the leaf springs a safety hazard, but the frame is not? Total bullshit on their part. I have no idea what to do other than weld a piece of steel over it and sell it as is.

  37. I received the notice, about the frame inspection on my 08 Tundra a few years ago. They stated in the letter, that they would inspect the frame and coat it with the rust inhibitor. I did not take it in. You can’t cover rust. Rust and corrosion is caused by moisture and salt, and covering it, only accelerates the process. I sand blasted the frame, primed, and painted the frame with a good chassis paint. My frame is fine. I re-coat it every 2-3 years. Anybody, here who frame is not to far gone, prep the frame before you fix and repaint.

    • That’s great for the exterior of the metal but it doesn’t fix the rusting inside the tube steel or the top of the frame that you can’t get to. You have rust, you just can’t see it.

  38. I have a 2005 Tundra, 77K miles on it with the same frame rot. Took it in when they did the first recall notice and they inspected, said it was okay and sprayed it. As everyone else has said, the spray proceeded to fall off and now the underside is in terrible shape. The truck is worthless now. I am furious at Toyota about this and can guarantee you that I will NEVER buy another Toyota and will tell everyone I know to not buy one. Trust me, the amount of money they would have spent to do the right thing for me will easily be lost in bad word of mouth by me over the rest of my lifetime. If I have my way, nobody I know will ever spend a dime on a Toyota. I hope to cost them millions in lost sales. They deserve it.

  39. I have a 2002 Sequoia. Brought it in for the service bulletin when it first came out and was told frame was good and only needed an undercoating. Same story, undercoating had all fallen off within a year and now frame has major holes in it. Brought it in to have power steering looked at since the power steering rack bracket rusted off and Toyota said there is nothing they could do but did offer me $1,500 off a new $40k vehicle. This absolutely ridiculous.

  40. I just found out about my 2007 Tacoma frame. August 2020. Since moving 3 times, I was never notified. Now my mechanic doing the basics advised me about my frame rusted, found a crack. I contacted toyota and was told tuff Luck. Can’t believe they won’t stand behind their product. Leave owners hanging because we weren’t aware of any issues. Obviously they are aware of their defaults and don’t really care. If anyone finds out anything us owners can do, please let me know. Thanks

  41. Have a 2006 Tacoma access cab. Same story..inspection not passed. Rotted and dangerous. 38k miles. Red and good shape. Calls and baloney. No help. Long waits with constant wit & be back. Finally set phone on speaker and put it on table. Two hours later there was no one getting back. We are in NY state up North at foot of Whiteface Mt. Never again Toyota. 40 years of buying them. Anybody want to make a good offer? I can sympathies with all the rest of you.

  42. We are in the similar situation with 2006 Sequoia. We called Toyota to get the issue corrected and they do not want to hear it. I have owned Toyota for the last 25 years. Never again Toyota. Perhaps, another class action lawsuit is warranted as some many people are affected by this.


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