This Audi R8 alternative rendering will have you book a ticket to Ingolstadt so you can personally hand it to Audi designers, politely asking if they can build this right now.

Internet’s favorite car designer that brought us such classics like the Dodge Demon Shooting brake and the Tesla Model S Hatch has another winner. As per designer Rain Prisk and his latest rendering he shared with us earlier today (May. 15, 2019)  Prisk is calling this one an alternative to the Audi R8 and man if I had millions to throw at a car, I’d throw a handful of cash at my laptop screen right about now.

Check out the amazing rendering below.

The Audi R8 is a fine sports car in its own right and, in its most powerful form, is a supercar slayer if there ever was one. With 610 HP and 413 lb-ft from its NA V10, its top speed of 205 MPH and then some makes, it’s technically a supercar. But it lacks that supercar panache. In typical Audi/German-like industrial design, its exterior design language is super clean, almost clinical, but it certainly does not get my heart racing.

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This rendering of a mid-engined Audi supercar does. Just like its VW brother, the Aventador, this Audi has a much more rakish front end and a super-long hood (even though there’s no engine underneath there.) It’s as if, as one commenter put it, an NSX and the aforementioned Audi R8 had a love child.

This rendering has what looks like a charging port on its front door. Quite fitting given how so many supercars have electric motors adding torque-filling power and dedicated EV modes when its customer expects something like that.

Bravo, Rain Prisk, on another design that I hope someone in Audi is looking at.

What do you think about this Audi Concept? Would you buy it? Let me know your .02 in the comments below.

Source: Rain Prisk


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