Supposedly this self-proclaimed owner of a shitbox Dodge Neon rally car shows up to car meets if only to whet appetites of attendees via a $90,000 tow rig.

I’m 50 percent sure this story is a total farce but you know what, I’m going to write some words about it anyway because, well, half of me is certain that it’s also true. According to Joe Fill, a member of Shitbox Nation, one of the finer car communities on Facebook and his post earlier last week (May 19, 2019) he’s come up with an ingenious way to troll car meets.

Joe shows up with his close to three figure trailer setup and circles the parking lot multiple times. Then, and only when he’s garnered a large enough crowd does he park and open the rear of his trailer revealing the gem within.

Joe has a yellow and black ’90’s Dodge Neon rally car with tacky door decal affixed on his driver’s side advertising a local Gentleman’s club. Check out a couple of photos of his shitbox setup and a screenshot of his caption below.

Joe Fill

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Before coming across his post there are two types of people who trailer in their cars to car shows; legitimate supercar or show car builds where it’s not worth the trouble of driving your pride and joy on regular roads and manufacturers who bring out prototypes to gauge the public reaction of upcoming cars.

Now, I suppose, there’s a third, the internet troll.

I fondly remember this Toyota FT-1 prototype pulling up to the then-popular Cars and Coffee Irvine meet with a trailer and unrolling a shell that presumably didn’t even run. Can you imagine if instead of a prototype in that trailer, they showed up with something like this Neon as sort of an April Fool’s joke?

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Whether this story’s true or not, who cares, it’s a great anecdote. Perhaps it’ll inspire someone else to pull off this stunt for the proverbial lols.

Do you think this story is real? Have you seen this guy and his Neon in real life? Can you tell I’m on vacation and these posts are here to buy some time before I come back from my conference?  Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


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