Malaysia’s bringing (and has been) the aftermarket heat with these awesome clear hoods you can get for popular imports including EG and EK Hondas.

From time to time I’ve seen these clear hoods pop-up on NWP4life, a popular Forum turned Facebook group for good Honda builds, always wondering where the heck are these cool a.f. hoods from. Well, today I found out the answer. They’re made overseas by KevTec, a Malaysian aftermarket parts company that specializes in carbon fiber and clear hoods for Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and a handful of other popular manufacturers.

Check out their awesome hoods for the EG and EK Honda below.

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Presumably, before KevTEC, I faintly remember coming across clear hoods on import show cars in the pages of Super Street, Import Tuner, and a handful of other popular magazines of the early 2000’s. (That should give you an idea how old I am!) Anyways, clear hoods were purely cosmetic, a way to have a closed hood but have all your parts displayed. Check out this Accord with a clear hood from back in the day.

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Clear hoods also had the added bonus of keeping grubby hands off your parts. Shaped like OEM hoods, they are that icing on the cake of a good import build that really put it over the top at import shows.

But, with import shows sort of a thing of the past, at least the way they once were, clear hoods took a back burner to faux-racecar mods. But these recent posts on Facebook from import enthusiasts hints to me that there’s a renewed interest in show car looks for the street.

These clear hoods look awesome and are quite durable as these videos from Kevtec show.

Although no prices are listed, word on the street is that they’re around $700-1000 and not too sure if that includes shipping or not. Par for the course for a large aftermarket piece.

I certainly wouldn’t rock a clear hood on my Civic because there’s not much engine work, but if I had a nice swap and a semi-tucked bay with cash to burn, I might consider it.

What do you think about clear hoods? Do you think they’re a bit Fast and Furious? Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


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