Would you pay more than $4,000 more for a radio cover signed by arguably the creator of the Honda S2000? This eBay seller is betting that you will.

I’ve seen some asinine car parts for sale on eBay but this has to take the cake. According to eBay seller UltraMarine28, who by the way recently changed his screename, he’s selling his Honda S2000 radio cover for the low, low price of $5,000.

Don’t believe me, check out his listing linked here and a screenshot of the listing below.

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When you think this man’s might be off his rocker, UltraMarine28 put this little gem in the description.

S2000 Radio cover signed by Shigeru Uehara. I attended homecoming back in 2010. I no longer have an s2000 and I’m ready to let this rare item go.

And he’s somewhat right, Shigeru Uehara did make it down to the United States nine years ago to attend the unofficial (official) homecoming of the Honda S2000 for the USDM market. 2009 marked 10 years since the S2000 was introduced and Honda organized a very hush-hush event, flying in the chief engineer and head designer of the S2000 Mr. Shigeru Uehara himself as keynote.

Mr. Uehara even prepared a speech and everything, it was great. The only thing that would’ve put this event over the top was if Honda brought out Asimo and programmed him to serve cake.

And according to this S2Ki thread, some people even pulled a couple of items off their cars for him to sign. Radio covers was a popular choice since you can pop it right off.

So the million dollar question is, is this radio cover worth that much? Simple answer is no! Not by a long shot!

But, I reckon it’s worth slightly more than a regular OEM Honda S2000 radio cover that anyone can buy right now for around $40.

Consider that this Shigeru Uehara was also project leader of the first gen Acura NSX, one of Honda’s most important cars. Ya, this man’s a living legend.

Realistically, this radio cover would probably be worth less than $500 for sure. But $5,000? Maybe you put one too many zeroes there sir.

I’ll monitor this listing to see if he either corrects the amount or someone is dumb enough to buy it.

Do you think a signature adds any value to car parts? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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