If you’re looking for evidence why teens need Adulting 101 courses in basic automotive skills, here’s exhibit A.

A video’s going viral on Reddit earlier today (June 12, 2019) showing CCTV footage from an electric car charging station, presumably in Australia, with two teens trying to pump up their car tire using an electric charging plug.

Check out the video making the rounds of Reddit below.

They tried to charge a tyre! from r/electricvehicles

This video was first posted on /r/electriccars but only really started picking up traction when it was crossposted to /r/idiotsincars, the more appropriate subreddit in my opinion.

In the video we can see two teens pull up to what they only assume is an air charging station complete with on-site air compressor and valve chuck. Surely, they’ve seen their parents pull up to similar looking stations to give their tires a boost in air before.

Passats of this year are equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors so presumably, they got notices on the dashboard warning them of low tire pressures.

As many people in the comments pointed out, good on them for recognizing that something was amiss with their vehicle and they should get it checked out ASAP.

But what good is all that action-oriented energy if it’s directed in the totally wrong direction?

Anyways, as if in some sitcom these two teens really try to attempt to apply the electric car charging port to the end of their tire as if by some divine science,  applying this charging port to the sides of the tire will transfer air over…somehow.

Oy vey.

Parents of teens, if your high school isn’t going to coddle your lazy a** and doesn’t have an adulting 101 course in car maintenance for your kids, please do them a favor, spend a lazy Sunday with the fruit of your nuts, and walk them through car basics.

Maybe grab the owners manual, refer to the maintenance checklist, and go through a rough and ready run through of each of the most frequent tasks to do.

You’re doing your future self, your generational lineage, and your country a favor.

Source: Reddit


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