This SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee’s day at the airstrip turned sour when he accidentally launched in reverse and into another car right behind him.

You’ve heard about it but if there weren’t any videos, you wouldn’t believe it but it happened again, some drag racer got a bit overzealous at the line and didn’t check if he was in Drive instead of Reverse. According to video’s hitting social media earlier yesterday (June. 23, 2019) this Jeep Grand Cherokee owner won’t live this down, him launching in reverse and into another car, for a long, long time if his buddies have anything to say about it.

Check out a handful of videos that went viral below.

Central Valley, California sure isn’t the California songwriters write lyrics about but there are some perks, like a handful of abandoned airstrips where the local police don’t give a darn what goes on as long as no one’s shooting at someone else.

That’s what Crows Landing Airstrip is to a handful of drag racers who want to burn some rubber away from the general population.

That’s where this SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee and Corvette found themselves, lined up next to each other in nothing more than a little drag race. Supposedly this SRT Cherokee’s been hot all day, laying down some clean runs, leaving the other car in the “lane” next to him in the dust.

It looks like his hubris caught up to him and didn’t engage his shifter column all the way down to drive.

No word what went down with the BMW he hit but I’m going to guess they’ll settle things among themselves. What exactly do you tell your insurance?

“Well, you see, I was lined up behind someone else who was drag racing and, you see, he hit reverse and backed into me.”

And it’s not like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, at least from what I’ve read, wasn’t some kind of fancy five-speed manual swapped one, it was an automatic. It doesn’t get any easier.

Do you think he left it in reverse on purpose? Do you think someone sabotaged his ride? Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


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