This Oklahoma based photographer got herself banned from at least one drag strip in Sallisaw and allegedly several others in the area for her dangerous photography techniques.

There’s a reason they say that safety’s number one and this Oklahoma-based photographer is finding out the hard way that yes, even the smaller drag strips take this seriously. According to Mark Beaver and a video he shared earlier this weekend from Sallisaw, Oklahoma (June. 28, 2019) at the TEN.FIVE Till I Die Shakedown, a no-prep small tire drag event, a photographer who got permission to shoot the event thought it was a good idea to get a better shot of the action and jumped over the safety guard rail running parallel to the track.

Check out that video below.

In the video shot from the stands, fans got a clear view of the dangerous shooting techniques from Lowline Media. It’s not uncommon for photographers to shoot so close to drag cars but usually common sense (and media safety rules) dictates that they shoot from behind the guard rails for obvious reasons. Plus, there are telephoto lenses if you really want to get up close to the action.

What Mark’s video above doesn’t show and found on another video is that the Mustang got a tad squirrely towards the end of its run. Thankfully it was at the other end of the track and nowhere near the photographer.

I’ve even seen some drag strip photographers shooting parallel to the action but from several yards away in the event of an accident.

Both the Mustang and S14 drag cars leap off the line and safely make their way across the track. The Mustang happened to have a POV camera onboard with a screenshot of that in-car video making the rounds on social media below.

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You can see she immediately regretted her decision when she leaped over the other side. Several thousand pounds of roaring drag car coming straight at you will put the fear of God in you.

Despite this one mishap, as per one of the event coordinators on the official event page, it was mostly a fun-filled day without much drama.

“Of course like anything you do in life there will be a few hiccups and bumps along the way and you all know I’m eager to problem solve. Can’t fix it if I don’t know. I take full responsibility for actions there as that’s my roll. The race was still way beyond what I imagined. We had a misplaced photographer that we both learned a lesson with. Not near enough trash bins or anyone on trash patrol.”

Allegedly several other drag strips are taking a cue from Outlaw Drag Strip and are keeping an eye on this scofflaw from obtaining media credentials.

And according to the photographer, she’s admitted to the error of her ways.

I am sorry for being at the track and being in front of the guardrails. It’s not on anyone else but me. I made a mistake. I made a huge mistake. This is has taken a large toll on me and it’s time to bow out and realize what I have done. I didn’t put myself in anyone else’s shoes other than my own. I apologize to the drivers, track staff especially, and other photographers.

Thankfully she wasn’t hurt at all this weekend and the only injury is a bruised ego. Kudos to her for owning up to it.

If she’s truly passionate about her photos, strict adherence to the rules is probably a step in the right direction. Also, a brightly colored vest wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

She can always shoot from the stands just like any normal drag race spectator.

And for small event organizers, perhaps a volunteer media organizer to keep media in check would ease some of the work on your shoulders. They’ve already got cars, drivers, and fans to worry about.

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  1. […] I spike in traffic from a post about an Oklahoma based photog’s near run-in with a small tire … at a small Sallisaw track from a few weeks ago piqued my interest if there was a related incident that caused this traffic burst. Lo and behold, according to Alex Rocheleau and a photo he shared earlier this weekend (Aug 2, 2019) he caught Lowline Media’s one and only photog at Outlaw Armageddon 5 at Thunder Valley Raceway Park shooting way too close to the 60 foot line, a Chevy Nova warming up its tires inches away from her lens. […]


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