For its first time on Colorado’s infamous Pikes Peak, the Vibrant Performance FF Civic Si still managed an impressive time even with a mechanical issue towards the end.

Despite a mechanical issue towards the end of the Vibrant Performance Civic Si’s run yesterday (June 30, 2019) at the 97th running of the International Hill Climb, William Au-Yeung manhandled his Civic to a 24th overall finish out of 78 who showed up on race day, good enough for 3rd in his unlimited class.

I’m sure William will have a couple of POV runs and footage from yesterday, but for now, check out a couple of posts from his Instagram below.

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Coming back home with some @pikespeakhillclimb hardware – 3rd place in Unlimited class! 😊 With a mech issue near the top, we gave it our all to make it to the top! big thanks to Noreen, @kammaul and @zach_branan for all the crazy hard work this week! Huge thanks to all of our sponsors!! Till next time… @vibrant_performance @competitionclutch @borgwarnerperformance @fortuneautousa @radiumengineering @raysmsc @hoosiertire @kingbearings @antigravitybatteries @momentummotorsport @peracing @stoptech @eibach_world @aprperformance @onpointdyno @timhortons @la_sleeve @runbc @turbosmarthq @hybridracing @ron_davis_radiators @cometicgasket @vminjection @fuelsafe @motulusa @igniteracingfuel @osgiken @supertechperformance @ptpturboblankets @cp_carrillo @nikosigns

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First, here’s a screenshot of William’s sector times. Notice how crazy fast his first sector time is. With a paved front first section to Pikes Peak and with a light chassis, I reckon the Civic Si could’ve kept up with second place in the Unlimited Class, the Palatov D2EV, a purpose-built supercar with an EV drivetrain.

PPIHC results
The top 37 results from the 2019 PPIHC

Vibrant Performance later revealed, in their post above, that William Au-Yeung’s Civic Si transmission literally exploded within a stone’s throw of the finish line.

Will was forced to get the car up the last mile and a half of the race in 1st gear.

Can you imagine how frustrating that must’ve been to experience, self-diagnosis, and limp up the finish line after an adrenaline filled four minutes of driving at 10/10ths?

As mentioned in my previous blog post, this Civic Si was in true fighting form from Tsukuba with I can only assume, very few variables changed from his time in Japan. Of course, Vibrant Performance dialed in proper boost levels, a new livery put on, and gearing for a longer race installed but the Civic Si’s winning formula remained unchanged.

I can only assume this race transmission suffered a malfunction they couldn’t have foreseen because this Civic has run much longer races.

As per William, this Civic Si is within earshot of the FF record barring any mechanical issues so I can safely guess he’s gunning for a 2020 run.

Congrats Will and to Vibrant Performance on a noteworthy blast up Pikes Peak!

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