This Bay Area couple’s wedding party planned on taking BART instead of renting a limo and snapped themselves some epic photos along the way

It’s par for the course for wedding parties to take a limousine from the hotel they’re all gathered at to the actual wedding ceremony. But according to BART in a tweet they shared earlier today (July 15, 2019) Bay Area couple Laura and Jeremy planned and decided to skip the limo altogether and headed to the wedding ceremony, groomsmen and bridal party in tow, on BART.

Check out the tweet and epic photos below!

“We took BART because we didn’t want to worry about traffic and wanted to de-stress on our wedding day. We thought it was a fun and different way to get to the wedding while being environmentally- (and economically-) friendly.” -Laura

Purely on a cost comparison basis, renting a limo averages around $125 dollar an hour, more if its a bigger one. The one-way ticket from Powell St. station in SF to Lake Merrit in Oakland cost each member in their Laura and Jeremy’s wedding party only $7 each.

Not only did they save a tad on their overall wedding, they avoided any sort of traffic they would’ve encountered, got to shoot some epic wedding photos, and most importantly, shared a moment in time with friends and family that a regular limo ride would’ve never really captured for them.

Sure, you can comment on how their ride was probably filled with the musty smells of old BART trains, dirty stations, and random passengers but that’s beyond the point.

How many couples can say they took BART to their wedding? Not many.

And those photos, they speak for themselves. They’re both quite fun and out of the ordinary.

Would you take public transportation to your wedding? Let me know your .02 on this unorthodox way of getting to tieing the knot in the comments below!


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