Apparently, parts for the AE86 are so cheap in Japan, to rub it in our faces, they’re just low-key destroying each other’s bumpers for fun

A strange video circulating on weird car Twitter earlier today (July 15, 2019) shows two AE86’s destroying each other’s bumpers for some odd reason.

Check out the video below.

AE86’s aren’t exactly rare, you can find them hanging around most car shows, even in the United States. But then again, they’re not exactly common. Toyota stopped making them more than 30 years ago.

They are uncommon, for sure.

Despite that, these two AE86 owners in Japan, bored and jaded with all the Hachi Roku’s around them, decided that a weird game of “let’s destroy each other’s bumpers” might be a good idea.

Bumpers, as the name suggests, are meant to be bumped at low-speeds in the event of an accident. The key word is “accident.” This, however, is not a series of accidents, but two hoons just having at it in the worst way possible.

Getting real deal Toyota bumpers in the United States isn’t exactly difficult. A quick search on eBay reveals that you can get a used AE86 bumper for around $300. Still, that’s kind of pricey.

So why these two guys are literally cracking their own bumpers for fun is beyond me. One guy even replied, “Stop it (in Japanese.)

My only guess is that perhaps in Japan, parts for this chassis are more readily available and a wrecked bumper isn’t all that of a big deal.

Then again, bruh, could you not?

I suppose a comparison would be two Fox-body Mustangs here in the United States doing something similar, being idiots, and crashing into each other.

Nonetheless, it’s quite stressful to watch and if you’re going to do something so sacrilegious, at least do it on drift missles, not nice hatches.


Do you think these two AE86 owners have a couple of screws loose? Let me know in the comments below!


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