These 2020 Toyota Supras already got wrecked before making it to a dealership.

A handful of European dealers will have to reorder their Toyota Supras, specifically Renaissance Red 2.0, Absolute Zero White, and Tungsten Silver MKV Supras. According to several posts on social media, at least three 2020 Toyota Supras wrecked allegedly somewhere in Hungary on their way to dealership floors.

Check out the heart-wrenching photos for yourself below.

Keen eyes will notice that Kassbohrer decal, a popular line of car transport in Europe. I only mention that to squash rumors that this happened in Japan.

Information is few and far between at the moment and I’m no expert on car transport but it looks like either this tractor-trailer operator backed into something a little too fast or another truck slammed into the rear of his transport trailer.

Damage is fairly extensive, at least for the silver and white one. Both frames are compromised beyond repair and Toyota probably will write both of these off, sending all three to a scrap heap somewhere.

With an MSRP of around $50,000 and with these first ones retailing for 50 percent more than that, it looks like the salespeople who landed these customers will have to wait a couple of weeks for their commission.

Or, their wait might not be so long. After all, new Supras come from manufacturing specialist Magna Steyr’s Graz plant in Austria.

A quick look on Google Maps shows that it’s just 460 miles or so from the closest Hungarian border.

This is unfortunately not the first new Supra to crash, one crashed last year on the Nurburgring and another earlier in May this year. 

These, wrecked ones on the transport, however, are production ones.

How sad that no one got to hoon these ones, their “lives” ended before it could even begin.

Some enthusiasts will bemoan that “those engines can be saved” but wrecked cars on transports don’t work out like that in the end.

Will you pour one out today for these fallen JDM supercars? Let me know in the comments below!



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