Twitter bot’s flagged Hailie Deegan’s account for underage activity and preemptively deactivated it on her birthday.

If you’re wondering if Hailie Deegan personally deactivated her Twitter account on her Birthday, she definitely didn’t. According to Hailie Deegan herself on her personal Instagram, it looks like she tried to change her age to 18, what she turned today, but a Twitter bot immediately flagged her account and preemptively shut it down.

You’ll have to make the jump to her Instagram to hear it from her on her Stories but here’s what she said verbatim.

I have a bunch of you guys asking what happened to my Twitter and why it’s disabled. I went in there trying to change my profile to 18, whatever, and ended up disabling me for being underage on Twitter, they caught me, but I have some people working on it.

But, hopefully, I can get back on soon because I want to Tweet stuff and I can’t because it’s disabled. I was under 13 when my parent’s started my account on Twitter so, they caught me.

This is a small but slight annoying issue for Hailie who’s known for being quite active on Twitter.

Recent changes to Twitter as of last year bans any content Tweeted by minors to even be on Twitter.

According to a post by Fortune,

While Twitter has always required its users to be 13 years old or older, new GDPR rules add further protection for internet users under the age of 13. With the new regulations, Twitter cannot legally keep content that was posted by a user when they were under the age of 13 on its site.

Hailie’s Twitter account was started by her parents so she’ll most likely have to submit proof to the power’s that be that her parents were the ones behind any tweets she sent out before she was 13.

Super annoying and rules are rules for a reason.

Hopefully, Twitter understands and lets common sense rule the day.

Until then, Happy Birthday Hailie! Maybe just post more on Instagram in the meantime?

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