Would you think less of a man for letting a woman change his tire after paying her for the service? This man tried too.

A snapchat post re-uploaded to Facebook is making the rounds showing a man allegedly calling for help with his car and letting a woman perform the service for him. With the caption, “What a time to be alive” and a longer caption in the video, the post tries to make fun of the man for being somewhat less of a man for letting her do work for him. Check out the video for yourself below.

Is the video above gone? Mirror here. 

The post in the video reads

 “Imagine being a man…and calling a tow company to change your flat tire…and a f***ing woman shows up to change it for you.

Since the post hit the web earlier last Friday, it’s been viewed well over a million times and counting garnered 1,400 comments, and is approaching 20,000 shares.

Details are few and far between on this particular video but from what I can piece together, it looks like whoever is standing next to the broken down car in shorts is the person calling in the service. The video is a bit low-quality (no offense OP) but it’s hard to make out if the one changing the tire is just a man with long hair (which, as I type this out can be taken another way altogether.)

Also, there are a lot of assumptions being made here. Perhaps this man didn’t have the tools for the job, his spare tire could’ve been flat, or he’s just cashing in on using the roadside service he already pays for.

The fact that a woman showed up to perform the service doesn’t take away anything from him nor does it shed a light on any sort of gender inequality. It does, however, reveal preconceived stereotypes of the uploader.

The woman is doing an honest to goodness service and is getting compensated for her work, simple as that.

To read anything between the lines just exposes your own insecurities and expressing those assumptions online only reinforces what certain gender roles should be.

There’s nothing inherently wrong for a man to not know how to change a tire. There’s also absolutely nothing wrong with a woman changing a tire for a man if she’s doing it as a job willingly and not under any pressure.

do think everyone, given the right tools, should know how to change a tire for their own sake. Man, Woman, etc. just learn how to change a tire.

Do you think this is blown out of proportion? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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