Grandma crashing her bulletproof Toyota Camry isn’t the funny part, it’s actually sort of sad, it’s the Grandkid’s Craigslist ad that’ll have you in stitches.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that we’ll have to turn in our driver’s license because, well, we’ve gotten to that age. This Thousand Oaks, Calif. Grandma found that out the hard way when, presumably, her foot hit the gas in drive, sending her reliable Toyota Camry into a tree. As mentioned, that part’s not very funny at all, but the grandkid’s Craigslist ad is pretty hilarious.

Check out a screenshot of the best bits below since Craigslist will probably delete the ad before you get to read it. Craigslist ad link.

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Grandma crashed into tree
Grandma not allowed to drive anymore
Car no longer runs after the collision (see pics)

From the collision photo, it looks like that tree potentially saved Grandma from damaging other cars, or worse, possibly further injuring herself as her Camry would’ve inevitably kept going until it stopped.

Grandma must’ve been going well above 10 MPH to cause that much damage, enough to effectively kill the engine.

Contrary to popular belief, this generation Toyota Camry does not have a fuel cut off switch so that can be ruled out for a no-start. With a collision this big, any number of variables can cause a no-start, a sensor might need replacing, major damage to the wiring harness might’ve occurred, or there’s some serious mechanical damage that needs to be sussed out.

It looks like the Grandson just wants to get rid of it at this point so, if I was in the area, I’d throw out a $100 opening offer to get it out of his hands. The wheels and tires alone are worth more than that so, if it turns out the engine’s cooked, I can still flip a profit quickly.

Even if you DO get it started, that frame’s never going to be the same.

Still, this Grandson didn’t have to throw GramGram’s under the bus like that.

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