Is this one of many future sightings Los Angelenos will have on their way to work?

Ever since the Los Angeles Police Department unveiled one of two Tesla Model S police vehicles and a handful of BMW I3’s in 2016 I’ve only seen a handful of reports on their actual use.  So color me surprised when I came across this video clip on Instagram earlier yesterday (Aug. 5,2019) showing LAPD’s Tesla Model S P85D speeding down Harbor Freeway headed towards downtown Los Angeles.

Check out the video clip for yourself below.

Speeding along at the posted limit with a Kia Soul following along, your guess is as good as mine about what this Tesla Model S P85D police car was up to.

Keen eyes will notice a good ol’ Crown Victoria following along, right behind the Tesla, sort of symbolic if you read into this video clip way too much.

Here’s that location on Google Maps if you’re curious.

In their statements to the press nearly three years ago, LAPD said these Teslas would most likely be used as patrol vehicles since electric cars use next to no energy idling as opposed to traditional gas-powered police interceptors.

So, even though this post sort of hints that LAPD is probably pulling over vehicles on I-110 thanks to its high-speed capabilities, you’re more likely to get caught by a Tesla police car rolling a stop sign.

Ironic enough in the video posted by 818_1320 there’s no shortage of comments (in the above post if you make the jump to Instagram) from would-be speeders boasting how they could, in a hypothetical situation, outrun this Tesla given enough real estate.

They seem to forget LAPD has access to eyes in the sky.

I suppose this sighting is a good thing, LAPD finding some use for their EV police cars whatever that may be.

Have you seen LAPD’s Tesla on patrol? Let me know in the comments below!


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