Police in Benecia can tow your car if you’ve racked up just five unpaid tickets. This car had 15x that amount.

Drive around with one unpaid parking ticket and naturally, you get sweaty under the collar when you see a police car driving behind you. This car owner was bold enough to drive around with more than six dozen tickets prompting Benicia police to call out the tow truck and impound this offending miscreant’s vehicle.

Check out their post below.

See, police are nice enough to, if you so wish, allow you to drive around with up to five unpaid parking tickets before they call out a tow truck, but 75 is something else altogether.

They say not to judge a book by its cover but just a quick glance at this car being towed away and it looks like this person’s got more on their plate than just unpaid parking tickets.

A peek at their trunk reveals this car owner probably lives or makes a living out of his car, that or they’re incredibly disorganized.

If that’s the case, transportation is probably very important for them to make a living.

Hopefully, local Benecia police can work out a deal including some kind of payment plan for this person to rectify the enormous amount they owe to the city, and presumably, the state.

As far as I know, Benecia hasn’t joined its sister city San Francisco a stone’s throw away in providing some sort of financial justice for people struggling to make ends meet while they’ve accrued fines and parking tickets.

if you’re curious, supposedly the world record for most parking tickets over a lifetime is 5,000. 

In more recent times, this car in Chicago managed to rack up more than 670 tickets. 

Have you heard of someone racking up so many tickets? Let me know in the comments below.


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