Pepe’s Tow Service posted up what I’m ranking top 5 tows of 2019 after an 85-year-old driver wedged his car smack dab between two houses.

For tow companies, no two days are the same and Pepe’s Tow service surely lived up to that when they had to call out a multi-million dollar rotator to extract a car literally wedged between two close houses.

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Mission complete 😎

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The circumstances of the situation are sort of sad, an 85-year-old driver managed to hit some sort of stationary object just right, flipping and, as mentioned, wedging his car literally between two  Hollywood homes.

According to the tow driver in the comments, he thinks the driver made it out OK so until I hear otherwise, I’m going with that.

Someone up above must’ve been watching out for that driver because had that driver taken a slightly different course, major property damage and increased risk of a more serious injury was definitely a possibility.

The real hero of this situation was that rotator truck and whoever was operating it. Given the car’s placement, the only way to safely extract the vehicle was literally over the house.

It goes without saying, but the slightest miscalculation would’ve sent that car crashing into that house’s garage.

If you’re fans of their account like I am, you’ll know that, while super difficult, this isn’t entirely out of their wheelhouse.

Just a couple of days ago they extracted a car that drove off the freeway into a storm drain several feet deep.

Hats off to Pepe’s Tow Service for literally pulling off what other lesser tow companies would’ve passed on.

Have you seen a more difficult tow situation? Let me know your tow stories in the comments below.


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