RM Sotheby’s had a record-setting auction, a Porsche Type 64 Nazi car, ready and waiting with the pedigree to bring in the big bucks. If only they got an auctioneer who could pronounce numbers correctly…

RM Sotheby’s and their auctioneer who seemingly can’t properly pronounce numbers and screwed up what would’ve been a record-setting auction with a ripe-vintage 1939 Type 64 adorably dubbed “The Nazi Car.”

Those in the audience thought bids were going up by chunks of $10 Million. Even the big screen updated current bids to reflect that. Their expectations were dashed when they found out the auctioneer was really just announcing bids going up by one million.

What they thought was a high bid of $70 Million was really just $17 Million. Uh, what?

Ya, it’s pretty hard to believe but here’s video via Ferrari Collector David Lee that should clear it up pretty quick.

How embarrassing!

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For one of the first Porsche Cars built….

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First, to understand just how important this car is, Chris Harris from Top Gear uploaded a great 12-minute video earlier this week illustrating just that. Harris also drives it which is pretty surreal.

It’s literally the first Porsche. Anyone who tells you otherwise is off their rocker.

OK, back to the video. David Lee starts filming right around the $14 Million bid, except people think he’s saying $40 Million. You can understand just how excited they got when it reached $17 Million (they thought he meant $70 million.)

This Porsche, after all, was only supposed to fetch upwards of $20 Million. They thought they had a real bidders war on their hands. Well, they all thought wrong.

I think this is the problem when you try to class up a fancy auction with some British sounding accent, our ‘Murican ears can’t understand your highfalutin pronunciation.

Supposedly this Porsche failed to meet the reserve. Either that or they’re calling it a botched auction, and rightfully so.

If there’s subreddit for /r/RichPeopleDisappointmentPorn, this would be top post for the year.

Next time, RMS, just get some auctioneer that auctions beef. If they can sell cattle in a crowded room, they can sell some Nazi car for sure.

Do you think this is the auction fail of the millenium? Let me know in the comments below.


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