Toyota will probably drop sales of the Toyota Land Cruiser for the United States market by 2022.

Rugged, seating for the entire family, classic body-on-frame construction, and a reputation for dependability and robustness that’s stood the test of time for decades, there’s nothing like the Toyota Land Cruiser. Unfortunately, with the market saturated with SUV choices, and the availability of the Lexus LX570, almost an exact copy of the Land Cruiser with a higher profit margin, Toyota isn’t exactly selling as much as they want to. That’s why, according to Motor Trend journalist Jonny Lieberman and his inside source, Toyota will most likely cease sales of the Land Cruiser in the United States by 2022.

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Bad News. I just heard that the venerable, completely amazing, stealth wealth king Toyota Land Cruiser will be exiting the U.S. market after 2022. Insane, I know. Why? Well, at $86,000 it’s expensive and hard to sell. Especially because Toyota has spent ZERO DOLLARS marketing their best product for several decades straight. 3,000 or so people a year buying a hand built, over-engineered, off road luxury masterpiece apparently ain’t enough. And that’s not even the real reason. The Lexus LX570 is essentially the same vehicle and costs more (i.e. it is more profitable). Why not sell 7,000 LX570s a year instead of 4,000?? The thinking being that all 3,000 Land Cruiser customers will want a big Lex. Which… maybe? Dirty secret—Lexus hasn’t made a profit in about 2 years. Too many NXs being sold with cash on the good, not nearly enough big ticket products like GS, LS, LC, and LX getting bought. So yes, there will be a next-gen, 2023 LX570 sold in America, just not it’s Toyota sibling. STUPID. Toyota has been selling trucks badged as Land Cruisers to Americans since 1957! And they’re just tossing 70 years of heritage out the window. The hell!?! I’ve had a few people tell me that the move from Los Angeles to Dallas broke Toyota USA’s culture. This dumb decision—killing Land Cruiser!—is proof. Maybe if there’s enough outcry, Toyota will change its mind? #boo #hiss #changeyourminds #provemewrong #toyota #landcruiser @toyotausa

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First, 2022. If you still really want one you literally have four more years to scoop one up.

Then there are the sales. Last month Toyota unloaded 249 Land Cruisers off dealership lots, roughly a third of what they get from the quasi-comparable Sequoia and arguably a drop in the bucket for overall Toyota sales.

Then again, Toyota, like Jonny Lieberman mentions, isn’t really trying its best to advertise its off-road warrior. Consider the last time you saw a Land Cruiser commercial or even a digital ad on your daily forays through the internet. Probably not even once.

I reckon you’ll have a better chance seeing an ad for a Land Cruiser elsewhere, particularly where a Land Cruiser’s characteristics are appreciated (second and third world countries.) As mentioned, Land Cruisers will probably still be sold by the thousands elsewhere with NATO still being its number one customer.

So, if you really want a Land Cruiser, go ahead and get one now. Otherwise, you’ll probably have to resort to getting its much more expensive badge-engineered brother, the Lexus LX570 for several thousand more.

Will you be sad to see the Land Cruiser no longer available in US Dealerships? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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