Honda made a special one-off production ready prototype transparent Honda S2000 to showcase its technological prowess at auto-shows.

Update: 9/8 Found OP, the source who took the photos. Check out engine and interior shots below.

Can you believe it’s been 20 years since the Honda S2000 first came out?

To celebrate a momentous occasion such as this, Honda S2000 fans around Japan and the world gathered at Honda’s Twin Ring Motegi racetrack to hear talks from OG Honda engineers who worked on the roadster, take part in parade laps, and take some photos.

Lurking in the background and brought out to celebrate 20 years of Honda S2000, Honda brought out its special transparent Honda S2000 meant to showcase the inner workings of the Honda’s roadster for the new millennium. From its revolutionary high-output NA four cylinder to the hybrid monocoque/frame structure underneath all the way to the in-wheel double wishbone suspension system around all four corners, you can literally see it all.

Honda was proud of how everything in the S2000 melded together and this transparent see-through roadster conveyed that at a quick glance or at a longer look.

As far as I know, this engineering showcase was not at the 1999 Geneva International Motor Show, the stage where Honda officially debuted the Honda S2000 to the world.

The see through S2000 was however part of Honda’s auto show circuit traveling the world. mentions this transparent S2000 making a stop in Taiwan for the Taipei Motor Show.

Please, enjoy the photos I’ve “borrowed from “Rad Shi**y Grainy pictures of Japanese Cars from the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s. (yah, that’s the name of the Facebook Group.)

First, here are some older photos of the see-through Honda S2000.

Now, check out some of the most recent photos hastily shot with a smart phone from Twin Ring Motegi below.

The level of detail here leaves me gob smacked. Transparent photos of cars we mostly see are illustrations and digital renderings. Car enthusiasts don’t really appreciate how much a symphony an engineer’s job is to combine engine, transmission, suspension, body, crash structure, electronics etc. to make a harmonious melody that is a complete car package.

And, since this is an OEM endeavor, the execution is impeccable. All the panel gaps, while literally transparent, are just as good as stock. The chosen material today is as clear as it was 20 years ago. And the body panels are kept in mint condition.

Then again, this Honda S2000 wasn’t driven around much.

Keen eyes can appreciate how the driver and passenger are encased in a rigid monocoque cocoon of sorts but there’s also reinforcing crash structure beams on both sides, an engine cradle to hold the F20C power-plant, and weight saving measures as seen in the rear upper body panel underneath.

I’m fairly certain if they put gas in the tank this Honda S2000 is ready to hit the road although I don’t think Honda would ever do such a thing in normal road conditions as cleaning it would be a real pain, dust getting behind those transparent panels.

Also, as you can see in the interior shots, lots of the exposed electronics, including that rotating drive shaft, would probably not fare well in spotty weather.

Kudos to Honda for keeping this transparent Honda around. I hope they keep it in tip-top shape for future Honda S2000 lovers for years to come.

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