Some a**h*** thought it would be cool to set fire to one of the Cadillac’s at famed Cadillac Ranch.

Leave it to some grade A idi*t to take a public art installation enjoyed by millions over four decades to defile it, destroying its original uniqueness.

According to California’s Historic Route 66 Society on Facebook and several others on social media, a yet-to-be-caught arsonist set aflame one of the ten Cadillac’s buried halfway in the ground at the famed Cadillac Ranch.

Check out their post below and some social media posts I’ve dug up since the event.

” Sad news from Texas. One of the iconic Cadillacs at the Cadillac Ranch was torched by arsonist. Dishearting that someone would do that to the popular Route 66 roadside attraction. 

I have been there twice and love the organic nature of how the ”graffiti art” (sprayed on by visitors) changes their appearance. I suspect local kids and they likely put it on social media. Very sad. “

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Stopped by Cadillac ranch with @michael_audiotech

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If you look closely at the first Instagram photo above, you can see the silhouette of the first Cadillac slightly a different color than the other nine. It’s because layers of spray paint applied since 1972 are burned off.

Fortunately, these big body Cadillac’s are made of some robust Detroit iron and it takes more than a bit of fire to get rid of them. As the photos show, all ten are still standing.

And just hours after the arsonist left, several tourists have already left their literal mark on the burned Cadillac, spray painting whatever they want.

It’s been a tradition and encouraged to spray paint these buried Cadillac’s as you see fit.

Although on private property, it’s also encouraged to make your way to the art installation.

I suppose it’s a risk of public art, it’s out in the middle of nowhere with no one to police the installation.

Then again, what an awful thing to do, ruin art that’s brought joy to millions of passerby’s.

If you ever find yourself within a stone’s throw of Cadillac Ranch, it’s address easily found by Googling “Cadillac Ranch Address,” bring some spray paint and leave your mark.

Slather on extra paint on the burned Cadillac. It’s body needs to gain its coats of paint back.


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