Target’s launched its “Drive Up” at-store online pickup service and actual “Drive Up” online shoppers are upset that regular shoppers are taking those spots up

You’ve probably noticed those open parking spots at Target open and designated for “Drive Up” online shoppers only. So, can regular shoppers park there without getting a ticket or towed? The answer right now is yes…for now.

Can Target call police to ticket and tow you if you’re parking in these “Drive Up” spots and are not picking up an order.

The short answer is yes, Target can, at their discretion, call a tow company to move a car out of their private property parking lot if you’re parked at a “Drive Up” spot and you aren’t in the car picking up an order.

Target probably can’t call police to ticket a car parked at a Drive Up spot since it’s not under their jurisdiction as far as parking enforcement is concerned.

I haven’t come across an instance where Target called a tow company to haul a parked car off their lot.

Also as of this writing, I don’t know of any Target stores with explicit signage saying that they will tow vehicles parked for longer than X amount of minutes or are parked and no one is present to pick up an online “Drive Up” order.

Correct signage that’s legible, visible night and day, and clear should be posted explaining the risk you take if you park at a “Drive Up” spot and aren’t using their service.

I’ve come across one instanced online where Target left a note on a parked car at a “Drive Up” spot asking that customer to not park there.

If Target sees regular shoppers parking at “Drive Up” spots to be a nationwide problem that won’t resolve itself, I can imagine they will put up the proper signage and start towing.

Private Property parking rights

Imagine you, a homeowner, have a large driveway with signs that say “Parking for Dad” and “Parking for Mom.” Would it be right if a stranger just parked at those spots? No.

It’s the same principal here. Yes, these “Drive up” spots are open for anyone but, ultimately, these “Drive up” spots are on private property and it’s at the discretion of the property owner to, with proper signage, make parking spots with special designations as they see fit.

If you do not follow those rules, it’s within the rights of a private property owner to tow you away.

So, what’s the deal, can I park there if I’m not using “Drive Up” or not?

Target is being nice at the moment and probably won’t ask a towing company to haul your car away if you’re parked in a “Drive Up” spot.

It’s not worth their time nor is it worth the time of an employee to get a tow company involved.

It’s tempting, I know, “Drive Up” spots being so close to the door, but just find another spot a few feet away.

I, myself, don’t particularly agree with taking up four precious parking spots so close to the store for the arguably lazy online shopper but there are times to bend rules and there are times to follow them. This is not the time to be brave and flaunt conventions.


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