This Cadillac CTS-V taking down a C6 Corvette mid-conversation is the best race from a roll you’ll probably see all year.

A wife who lets his man lay down the law, a wicked drag race from a roll between two modern muscle juggernauts, and the lightheartedness of the situation, what’s not to love? Cadillac CTS-V owner and certified bada** Mark Angelone uploaded an epic roll race between his V and a Corvette earlier this week and it’s blowing up the internet.

Check out the video for yourself below.

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“Hold on a second” @brittangelone

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The video taken from Mark’s dashcam shows him casually talking to his wife either next to him or over the speakerphone. Regardless, Mark’s talking about some leak coming from his car, probably a vacuum leak of some sort because Mark’s wife is super understanding and is genuinely interested, no joke.

Then, like a shark getting a whiff of blood in the water, a C6 Corvette changes lane behind Mark real quick and, well, the rest writes itself.

Mark, knowing that he’s packing way more than the 556 HP his sedan came from the factory, knows that everything’s dialed in nicely, a little street tune if you will.

The C6 Corvette, probably running on some bolt-ons and addicted to the torque, see’s some sedan with wide tires and thinks he can take him from a roll.

Au contraire.

Before Mark pours on the power and, as they say, takes that C6 Corvette to Gapplebees, Mark politely pauses his conversation with his lovely wife telling her, “Hold on a second.” That right there was the quote of the moth** f**k**g year.

Smackdown ensues.

And if you’re wondering what he pulls on the dyno, it’s somewhere around 775 HP and 701 lb-ft, apparently good enough for a solid 10 second blast down the quarter mile. Not to shabby.

That’s one quick Cadillac.

Thanks for uploading such an epic video, Mark.

What did you think of his little roll race? Let me know in the comments below.


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