The new owner of a custom Ford F-250 6-wheeler bragged about how awesome his purchase then he was caught on camera failing to make it up a regular incline.

A diesel Ford F-250 with custom 6×6 drivetrain’s for-sale ad’s been making the rounds on the internet and someone finally bought it. The new owner was bragging to Rhode Island resident Pat Phelps that he picked up “one gnarly purchase” that is until he was caught on camera shortly after struggling to make it up a tiny, tiny right hand incline onto a city street.

Check out the embarrassing video for yourself below.

Before I go into a breakdown of this epic fail, Diesel World posted about this abomination earlier in 2019.

As many people pointed out in the comments, while this custom 6×6 looks like a 6×6 from outside, the seller points out that the middle transfer gear doesn’t engage. This turns a potential 6×6 truck into just a 6×2 if you don’t know how to work the transfer case.

That’s no good. Instead of power potentially going to all six wheels that would give this truck a fighting chance to make it up any incline, power is only going to two rear wheels. With no load in the bed and little power routed out back, the slightest incline is a no go.

If this new owner engaged 4H, this truck, while having no power going to the middle two wheels, could’ve made it up that incline with two tires grabbing traction up front.

This new 6-wheeler owner does eventually back up, give it some momentum, and finds whatever remaining dignity he has remaining thanks to physics carrying that pile over onto the city street.

It doesn’t stop there, apparently this new owner bought this truck for around $8,000…and it’s already for sale for more than twice that.

This Ford F-250 6×6 is such a botched job even if the transfer case works that it would behoove anyone to stay far, far away from this thing. Just look how bad it is underneath, yikes.

How embarrassing that, with all that extra capability, a regular incline posed serious problems. My FWD automatic Civic could make it up that tiny hill all day long.

This truck is not in its element, perhaps put in in some snow or mud with some weight on the rear and this 6-wheeler might redeem itself. Might.

Ever seen anything so embarrassing? Let me know in the comments below.


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