Think you can make it in Formula Drift, rise through the ranks, and be the best? This is how much you can expect to spend if you think a run to the top on a budget is in the cards.

Tires throwing clouds, engines bouncing off the rev limiter, and the adrenaline rush of competition, drifting at a grassroots level is accessible to anyone willing to stick their neck out and give it a go. But what if you actually want to take it seriously and compete at a higher level? If you’ve got the car, talent, and drive, here’s what you should expect to spend on a full four round season of Formula Drift Pro 2 on a budget.

If you’re on desktop or mobile, you must click see more to see the entire post. Hurst spent around $2,700 a round or about $10,800 total. This is a bare, bare, bones budget.

Jonathan Hurst finished 14th overall in a field of 28, the highlight being Hurst’s podium finish in Orlando.

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As this @formulad pro 2 season comes to an end, I just want to thank everyone that believed in our team. It may of been small and we may have been broke but we still took carbon home at round 1 this year. I’ve never posted a picture of this trophy but man it’s one huge accomplishment. Hopefully next year we can come out stronger and be more consistent at all the rounds. #dynosty #mybusinesscoach #mikeloughracingengines #briantooleyracing #isrperformance #monsterclutches #fueledracing #crowncarboncrafting #risefabshop #wilwoodbrakes #haltech #quiklatch #fortuneauto #cklwraps #radiumengineering #cosmisracing #bigcountrylabs #treadstoneperformance #xspower #fuelinjectorclinic #rpmtransmission #igniteracingfuel #rubberchuckers #dwdetailing #tweaknperformance #redhorseperformance #jhrental #achillestire #garrettadvancingmotion

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Hurst chassis of choice is a 2010 Infiniti G37 that puts out a monstrous 1,000+ HP.

Keep in mind, this budget is for Formula Drift Pro2. That means you’ve either finished in the top 3 of your regions ProAm series or you’ve petitioned your way into Pro2 because you’re a good driver with comparable experience ala AdamLZ.

This budget doesn’t account for several key components like a competitive car that costs that costs thousands if not hundreds of thousands, spare engines and parts, friends willing to, for the lack of a better term, practically volunteer their time because they love drifting and frankly “love you,” time spent away from work, family, friends, and significant others, and etc.

On top of that, you’re competing against dozens of other Pro2 drivers all clawing their way to a Top 8 finish for that coveted Formula Drift Pro license. There’s no guarantee everything you’ve invested will return podium finishes because competitions are unpredictable.

Formula Drift ProAm is tough enough. My hats off to all Pro2 drivers willing to go the distance, all four rounds.

There’s a reason Formula Drift instated Pro2 and the trials and tribulations you go through. Being ruthlessly efficient with your money is probably an element why there’s an intermediate series to prepare young drivers.


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