That livestock hauler caught on camera failing to stop in front of a vegan protestor was recently spotted enjoying life and his McDonalds.

It’s approaching two weeks since that livestock hauler was caught on camera aggressively bumping a protestor with his truck and trailer and several of his supporters, including compatriots in the trucking industry, wondered if he’s doing OK since the incident.

Thanks to a post earlier this week from a member of “Truckers Wall of Shame” on Facebook earlier this week, truck driver Nathan Ramos spotted the livestock hauler at a truck stop, coincidentally enough, enjoying a burger.

Check out some copies of the photo below.

Ramos posted these photos with the caption, “Found him…” with no other additional information.

Ramos did not say if they exchanged words but guessing from these photos it looks like that truck driver’s life is back to the usual, just hauling.

If you’re still confused who this fellow is, this CBC piece should clear the air. Essentially, this unnamed livestock hauler tried to enter an Olymel animal processing facility in Alberta to drop off his load.

A vegan protestor from the local Red Deer Animal Save Group blocked his way.

The semi driver allegedly purposely stopped a little too short for comfort, trying to avoid hitting the woman and, as mentioned, bumped her hard with his truck.

You can see a copy of that video here.

According to CDL Life, the protestor supposedly suffered a back injury.

We later learned that local RCMP charged the truck driver for failing to yield to a pedestrian which cost him upwards of $800.

I wish all the best to that protestor and her speedy recovery but a little common sense goes a long way. If you’re going to protest peacefully, being aware of lanes of traffic and where trucks drive through is vital for your own safety.


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