A travelling medical physicist and his mechanic shared one sure-fire way to get your car to 1 million miles and more.

A Honda Mechanic by the username nooppugget shared the amazing yet unamazing story how one of his customers who drives a 2006 Honda Civic Sedan rolled over one million miles, original engine and automatic transmission.

Yup, that magical seven digit number that only a handful of cars ever get to. OP also shared the one secret that this 2006 Honda Civic Sedan owner followed that got him to one million miles relatively easily.

The owner is a travelling medical physicist who literally drives around the United States to hospitals, urgent care facilities, and nursing homes calibrating MRI machines, CT scanners, imaging equipment and checking certification for sensitive equipment.

It’s a technical and important job that takes you all over the country.

To do it well, get a car that’s efficient and highly reliable.

Before you get your car to one million miles, choose a car that has a high chance to get you there. Searching “best high-mileage cars” or “cars most likely to last 200,000 miles” will bring up a list of good cars to pick.

The long story short of it is buy a Honda or Toyota. There are other cars out there that can get to one million miles but these will be the ones.

Now the secret. Here it is. According to OP,

This owner followed the maintenance schedule to a tee.

and to further drive home that point, this owner got his scheduled maintenance done at the dealership.

One commenter said it well.

People piss and moan and bitch and complain about dealerships but it’s where you get the most knowledgeable mechanics and the highest quality work.

Does it cost more? Certainly. Can you get good work done cheaper? Yes.I’ve been working on cars and airplanes for a very long time and if my new car needs work it’s going to the dealership.

If my ’59 Harley needs something or my ’52 MG needs work I’ll do it myself.

The Honda mechanic agreed

Very well put. Dealerships are not out to get you like most people think. They trained us a certain way and look at our specialized manufacturer a bit different. People also seem to forget that we don’t force the maintenance on them.. they’re allowed to decline.

There you have it. If you want to get your car to one million miles, first you must follow your scheduled maintenance exactly. You can find this info in your car’s owner’s manual.

And, if you want to guarantee you’ll get to one million miles, do your scheduled maintenance at a good dealership.

Also, driving safe and a bit of luck should seal the deal.

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