For whatever reason this BMW veered into a crowd of bystanders earlier Friday night in Ocean, City Maryland, injuring one.

Videos surfaced earlier Friday night (Sept. 27,2019) showing a bystander being brutally hit, flying over the hood of a white BMW, and landing feet away as a crowd of onlookers took in the situation’s aftermath.

Check out the handful of videos I’ve gleaned off Facebook below.

In the first video, presumably taken from someone standing in the Double Tree parking lot on the corner of 33rd St. and Baltimore Ave, we can see as a crowd of onlookers gathers at a T-intersection.

With hotels on all corners, it’s a prime spot for onlookers who’ve gathered this weekend to get a first-hand look at the mayhem below.

With police stretched thin throughout the city, impromptu gatherings of people and cars pop up like mushrooms in the rain where anything and everything, usually just a bunch of burnouts, happens.

This one is no different.

A line of cars attempts to either negotiate turning left onto the greater coastal highway or they can make a u-turn in some dramatic fashion.

I’m not sure what this BMW was trying to do.

We can see the BMW turn abruptly and wildly to the left into a bunch of people gathered to watch. Arguably, it looks like this BMW drove into the corwn on purpose.

Perhaps this BMW driver is just trying to enjoy the night out, was caught in the traffic that normally wouldn’t be this busy on any other night in Ocean City, and maliciously took his anger out on some innocent bystander.

Thankfully, it looks like police or paramedics showed up because we have a report from the Shore News Beacon reporting a patient refusing treatment.

This is just a taste of just how wild it is right now in Ocean City, Maryland for H2OI 2019 and the night is still young.

Stay safe out there, y’all.


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