Like clockwork some Ford Mustang already swung it wide, hit the go pedal, and broke traction slamming into a concrete barrier at H2Oi 2019.

It’s the beginning of Fall and thousands of 18-24 year old car enthusiasts are already in Ocean City, Maryland for the annual unofficial H2Oi 2019 car gathering. And, like clockwork, someone’s already taken a chunk of the city with them, colliding into a highway barrier.

Of course it’s a Ford Mustang. Check out the video for yourself below.

This little doozy comes courtesy of Jake Whitemarsh who posted up this video on Facebook earlier today.

The weekend hasn’t even officially kicked off but when you mix thousands of bored car enthusiasts with nothing to do on a Thursday night, someone will attempt a little showmanship for the crowd watching from every corner.

I mean, this is classic Mustang fail if there ever was one. It’s like this guy’s read up on just how to get it wrong and attempted to bring even further shame on the Mustang name.

Everyone knows applying throttle way too early, mid-corner on presumably cold tires is a recipe for disaster.

Coincidentally enough, thankfully there was that white barrier fence recently installed earlier this summer by the powers that be in Ocean City.

This is the only video I have of this crash at the moment and I’ll surely embed some videos shot a lot closer.

The weekend’s only begun, everyone’s primed and ready for a good time, and this H2Oi 2019 looks to be even larger than last year.

Keep an eye on this blog as I’ll update shenanigans as they unfold.

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  1. I think it’s terrible the way o.c. is treating the young motor heads!one day they will have family’s an come to oc md.i heard don’t know if it’s true?that the min.ticket is 1500.00 hope it’s not!these kids are good kids!they can’t afford that !What if in 10 years they all boycotted the city and said we will come to your town But we want 90 percent off all lodging and food! To pay you back for the Ninty percent bump it traffic violations!Think about that! With social media don’t think it can’t happen!

    • I think it is terrible how these m****s, who were clearly raised poorly don’t have any respect for anyone including the law or the public. Ocean City does not need their income. The people in town would be just fine without the money that they spend here.


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