A drone cam operator accidently landed his drone into the passenger compartment of this drift car.The video turned out way more awesome than they could’ve imagined.

Drone cameras are increasingly becoming the gold standard for motorsport action footage because of the unbelievable CGI-like shots you can pull off, not possible just a few years ago. But pulling off close shots increases risks, mainly camera collisions.

Drone Pilot Sergio Gonzalez Martinez de Aguirre found this out the hard way earlier last week while he was filming some fun tandem drift shots from Speed Fest at the Circuito Choquiero in Spain.

The drone cam he was operating flew right into the passenger window of the lead tandem car, straight in front of the ride-along passenger’s footwell.

All was not lost because the camera kept recording. What happened next, as mentioned, will blow your mind.

With the drone cam undamaged and with plenty of power, the drift passenger just ran with it, stuck the camera outside of the window and let the camera keep filming.

Presumably he passed by the drone pilot who gave him the thumbs up, powered the drone back on remotely and carefully flung it out the window to continue filming.

What would’ve been a sick drift video with unbelievable angles turned out to be an even more amazing video with a “you have to see it to believe it” story.

Researching this video, backtracking from Twitter where I first saw it, there’s a fairly extensive Reddit thread that popped up shortly after that goes in-depth of drone piloting, how hard these shots actually are, and some advice if you want to fly drones like this for yourself.

Check out that Reddit thread here.

My hats off to @Serxio_FPV and his skills. I hope to come across more of his work soon.

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