Miller Industries unveiled their largest rotator yet and flexed its booming capabilities for the crowd by lifting 111,000 pounds for fun.

Miller Industries, maker of heavy duty towing and recovery equipment, unveiled their newest and most capable rotator, the M100 100-ton rotator, at the headquarters in Ooltewah, Tennessee earlier last night (Oct. 2, 2019.)

According to Pepe’s Towing and his latest post on Instagram, Miller Industries demo’d their new M100 Rotator flexing its boom capabilities for the crowd to the tune of 55.5 tons. Their M100 lifted one of their 75-ton rotators already lifting one of their Heavy Duty Tow trucks off the air, well within the limit of its boom specs at that angle.

To give you an idea of how much 100 tons, or 200,000 pounds is, supposedly an empty NASA Space Shuttle sans its external tank and rocket boosters weighs 165,000 pounds. Theoretically, this M100 Rotator could boom a NASA Space Shuttle with its boom retracted 30 degrees (please correct me if I’m wrong in the comments.)

This is literally the first time I’ve blogged about any towing and recovery equipment, but when I scrolled across this display of towing prowess on my Instagram feed, I was gob smacked, deserving of a couple of words.

The price tag for this King of the Rotators is around $1.4 million.

Here are a couple more photos of this bad boy from Miller’s Facebook page.

And believe it or not, this M100 already has a home. According to one comment on Facebook, this 100-ton Rotator will serve the St. Louis Metro area with Petroff Towing based out of Caseyville, IL.

If you’re in the St. Louis area and need to move around some biblical loads, you know who to call.


  1. think about the mess that could of happend if the chans broke thats a lot of monny down the drain eight there

    • If you have a 100,000 lb semi stuck in mud, snow, etc, you need extra pulling power. Also if you need to pull at an angle, you need more power than just the weight of what you are recovering.


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