Picture a tow truck operator in your head and you probably won’t conjure up someone like Teresa Martin, a lady tow truck operator based out of Los Angeles.

If you’ve ever had to call tow services to get you out of a bad spot, you know just how tough the job is. Not only do you have to dodge cars, adapt to the situation, and get your client safely out of a situation, it’s just plain hard work.

That’s why it’s super cool to see 20-year-old Teresa Martin, who goes by @TeresaMaartin on Twitter, advertising her towing company on Twitter to anyone and everyone who might need an affordable towing option in the Los Angeles area.

Check out her tweet below.

Since her tweet a little over a week ago, her photos have been RT’d over 20,000 times and liked just as much. Her hustle is awesome and everyone commenting agrees.

Photographed in the middle of a busy road with work gloves on, a classic Ford F-Series already strapped to the back of her tow truck, Teresa strikes a confident yet chill pose next to the driver’s side door of her tow truck.

A butt of Googling brings up the name of her towing company, Pay Less Towing headquarters in the heart of South Los Angeles. Pay Less Tow is a family-owned operation providing towing and emergency services for over five years.

While it might look like a tow truck is a one man job, even these small operations takes the coordination of a family to get done right. Presumably someone in Teresa’s family taught her the ropes of the tow business including proper recovery techniques, working around traffic, making sure all licenses and certifications are up to snuff, and dealing with being on call 24/7.

Props to Teresa’s family and Teresa herself for embracing the family business and for not being afraid to get your hands dirty.

The world needs proper role models like y’all, working hard making an honest buck.


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