This video would have you think a BMW SUV brake checking two semis shares all the blame but all is not what it seems.

Video showing two semis being brake checked by a BMW SUV near Bridgeville, PA is going viral for all the wrong reasons, a clear case of road rage with both parties to blame. Trucker Beau Castelucci originally shared a 36 second video showing his fellow trucker and himself driving side-by-side on a two-lane I-79 road. After getting backlash for hogging both lanes of traffic, Beau cut the video down by several seconds, having people who now watch the video believe they’re 100 percent innocent. Such is not the case.

First, here’s his quote just in case he deletes his public video.

Today I was very close to losing my life. This video doesn’t really seem like I did but I was very close to rolling my truck over and it probably would have killed me. This was absolutely unacceptable. The guy in the BMW was stuck behind my buddy and I. Once he had an opportunity to pass us, he did and this is what he did to us. We were just minding our own business just cruising down the road heading home. I had a full load on my back and my buddy was empty. My truck loaded weighs about 74,000lbs. I can’t stop on a dime like the car in front of me did. I contacted the police and they pretty much said there’s nothing they can do about this situation. They see it all the time. So here I am putting it out on here to make people aware of what’s going on on the roads today. Please, if you see a big truck just be cautious and courteous, and don’t drive like this guy. Thank you and please share!

2019 BMW X5
PA Plate: KYN-1085

Here’s the edited video that’s been up, shedding a much more positive light on both truckers.

And here’s the original video with the missing 10 more seconds of both Beau and his fellow trucker blocking both lanes of traffic behind them.

First, what the BMW SUV did is inexcusable and a pure act of road rage. You do not play with semis, semitrailers, and trucks several magnitudes bigger than your car. You’re playing a dangerous game of physics where no one wins and everyone loses.

But those two semi trailers share a sizeable chunk of the blame. Interstate 79 on Google Maps shows a two lane road where the road does not widen for passing for miles at a time. It’s easy to drive alongside another vehicle, blocking anyone behind you.

The original video shows these two semis driving next to each other presumably for much longer than 10 seconds. Driving next to another vehicle isn’t illegal but if you’re in the left passing lane, you must be passing. That’s not what they’re doing here, they’re both infuriating an already irate BMW SUV.

I’m sure, as he mentions, he could’ve lost his life if things did not turn out the way they did. But trying to gain some sympathy points after the fact and to send out a APB on this BMW SUV is just asinine.

Since you had a dashcam rolling, perhaps you’d like to share an even LONGER video, the part where both semis are blocking two lanes of traffic for much longer than the 36 seconds you’ve shared.

If I where to dole out percentages of blame, the BMW SUV gets 70 percent of the blame and the two semis can share the remaining 30 percent.

Everyone’s a loser, hurray.


  1. Sorry, but no. Read the trucker’s own comments…

    [The guy in the BMW was stuck behind my buddy and I.]

    In other words, the trucker KNEW that they had taken up both lanes of traffic and OWNED that fact. Your suggestion that he tries to pass off all the blame on the BMW ignores the trucker’s honesty.


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