This Sacramento-based features reporter had the hare-brained idea to manhandle classic cars on camera, even jumping on the hood of an exhibition vehicle.

CBS Sacramento 13 fired features reporter Angel Cardenas following major backlash after a live on-air segment showed Angel damaging classic cars and jumping on an exhibition vehicle before the Sacramento International Auto Show, a three-day auto show held at Cal Expo every year, opened to the public.

CBS Sacramento deleted the video after a public outcry on social media from car enthusiasts and Sacramento residents but fortunately, several news viewers took it upon themselves to DVR the news, sharing that deleted segment on Facebook.

One Sacramento Reporter got the clip in its entirety.

Check out the offending segment below.

The first red flag came when Good Day Sacramento cut to Angel Cardenas dressed in an untucked shirt and loosened tie. Even before opening his mouth, his reporting style already had an air of unprofessionalism.

Standing in the middle of some classic Ford Thunderbirds, cars that owners spent thousands of dollars and man-hours restoring, Angel leaps onto the trunk of a Yellow Ford Thunderbird, the entire weight of his body pressing onto the classic sheetmetal.

Before that, Angel drops this gem,

“No one is out here to tell me which car I can’t go in because some of these are off limits so I’m going to live on the wild side, tell me what you think about this pose Tina?”

Angel then invites himself into the driver’s seat of a nearby Pink 1956 Ford Thunderbird, literally dinging the door of another classic Thunderbird parked next to it. Angel then insults the owner, grabbing a can of starter fluid, hinting at how old these cars really are.

I feel like a kid in a candy store without the owners because you can do anything.

The dozen or so Classic Thunderbirds on display are part of the Sacramento Classic Thunderbird Club, a local 916-based automotive club passionate about this Ford Classic.

It doesn’t end there.

Angel then seeks out one of the few reps at the show hanging around at a nearby Ford booth. After hearing her talk about the new 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid, a car not even on dealership floors, Angel’s leaps onto the rotating platform and hops onto said Explorer Hybrid before someone off-camera finally has the courage to tell him to get off.

You can imagine, Sacramento International Auto Show reps soon caught wind of this segment and immediately reached out to the general manager of KMAX TV, the CBS affiliate who handles and produces Good Day Sacramento, for an explanation.

Sacramento International Auto Show dropped this update below, revealing that Angel Cardenas was fired as features editor for their news station.

Several car enthusiasts also aired their grievances following this heinous segment.

Angel’s actions are baffling given his experience with CBS-13 Sacramento, with reporting, according to his LinkedIn, being his forte.

Angel even boasts about how professional he is on TV,

(I’m an) Experienced Cinematographer with a demonstrated history of working in media production. (I am a) Strong media and communication professional skilled in TV Production, Final Cut Pro, Video, Broadcast Journalism, and Editing.

Then again, navigate over to Youtube, search for some of his previous work, and you can come across instances where property and personal space aren’t being respected.

In the below clip that starts at 2:26, we see reporter Angel Cardenas grabbing some dude’s McDonalds with the next clip showing him giving a noogie to a guest.

It doesn’t take a news reporter or even someone with the slightest set of manners to know that you should respect someone’s property, especially when they’re not there to dole out permission.

It’s cliche to say common sense isn’t so common and in this case, it’s 100 percent true.


  1. What an I***T.
    If someone’s not there to tell you to behave like an adult, you get to behave like an unruly six year old?
    Hey pal, you got FIRED, LOL! GOOD for YOU!

  2. What an i***t to callously jump on top of classic cars at the Sacramento car show! He is completely ignorant and s****d! EVERYONE knows that you NEVER EVER touch classic cars!! Owners have put in thousands of dollars into these cars and he thinks it’s ok to jump on them like a little kid???? That is BLASPHEMY! He should not be a reporter! He didn’t even have any of the facts – like the hours the show was open, the total number of cars there or the correct year of the cars he was pointing out! So glad he got fired!!

  3. Just goes to show how this arrogant dude needs to brush up on his GMRC 101.
    Aside from being fired, he needs to be charged in civil court by the affected parties for his blatant behavior.

  4. I was actually watching this as it aired live and it was quite shocking. So disrespectful, glad he was terminated. What a d*** a**.

  5. This man did the RIGHT thing. People who “love” cars are i****s who need to get a life. Cars s***, period. 40,000 Americans are k***** by cars every year. Tens of thousands more are maimed. Americans need to get over their obsession with the automobile.


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