If you love Chipotle and want to chow down at literally the most beautiful Chipotle location in the world, this one in Sedona, AZ is it.

If you ever travel across the United States through Arizona or live in Sedona, you have the rare opportunity to eat at one of the most beautiful Chipotle’s in the United States and dare I say, the world,

Scrolling through Instagram last week, I came across a post from an elite runner who stopped at this Chipotle in Sedona and couldn’t believe how beautiful the views are. Clicking on the location tag and this Chipotle is literally smack dab in one of the most gorgeous places in the United States.

Check out a handful of posts from diners who ate at this Chipotle and didn’t point the camera at their food, instead opting to share the views.

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Never been happier ✨🙌🏼✨

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Chipotle in Sedona.

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Chipotle with a view

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Sedona is world renowned for the beautiful red rocks pushing out from the ground forming the Schnebly Hills where the city of Sedona is situated.

A cursory search on Google Maps reveals that particular Chipotle faces a panoramic view of red rock formations giving this Chipotle some fantastic dining views.

To be honest, you can throw a dart at any of the restaurants in the area but this Chipotle is right off State Route 89A and, if you’re hungry, you just might stop here.

Reading some of the reviews on Yelp, diners aren’t raving about the food as much as they’re taken aback by the fantastic views.

Here’s one of my favs from a South Carolina-based traveller.

“This is a Chipotle, and just like all other chipotles in the world, it is Delicious with high Quality ingredients at an amazing and competitive price.. what prompted me to write a review of this particular one  was the location.

WOW, what a view. It is amazing and It made my experience way more enjoyable.

Another Yelper from Florida dropped this gem.

Eat here just for the View
The chipotle here doesn’t taste any different that other Chipotle restaurants. However, stop by and here just for the view, it’s magnanimous and gorgeous. Also felt that the vegetables here were fresh as compared to at the ones I eat here in Tampa.

Just thinking about this Chipotle and the dining experience you can have is calming my nerves.

Take a bite of Barbacoa burrito, a sip of Passion Fruit Vitamin water, take in the views, and breathe. Relaxation, amirite?

So, if you ever find yourself in Sedona, skip the fancy restaurant and treat yo’ self to a burrito with a serious view.

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