This 2019 BMW 4-series Gran Coupe has a matching BMW 4-series trailer, custom made to match its tow car exactly. Here’s how they pulled it off.

It’s uncommon in this cookie cutter-like car customization culture to find a brand new and unique take on a segment of car culture we seldom think about, small tow trailers. This body shop in Taiwan is getting all sorts of attention for its latest project, a recently made BMW 4-series with matching BMW 4-series trailer.

Here’s a news segment that recently aired over there and a gallery of photos showcasing the insane process, from cut BMW to finished trailer.

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The Taiwainese body shop calls themselves Golt Walker Body Painting Process with their headquarters in the Taoyuan District of Taoyuan.

This is the third matching trailer they’ve built.

Here’s the direct to English translation of their caption.

“This BMW 4 Series Camper, I believe it should be a little famous on the internet recently, and even red abroad!
About a few months ago, the car owner found us, and we started planning how to build this camper, because we are experienced, technical level, and the car owners are very willing to spend a lot of money to fulfill their dreams!”

“A perfect piece of work, relatively requires a lot of technical support from different fields!
From a scrap body, how to re-Resurrect!
How to drive on the road, how to present a new look!
Building a camper car is not so simple, from the chassis, panel, internal structure, welding, towing, circuit, metal, baking paint, the whole car needs to have a safe structure!

Time to work hard, even sometimes there are technology that can’t reach the ground that needs to be breakthrough!
We have a breakthrough to complete the mission, meet the needs of the car owners and reach our goals!

Building these trailers is a labor-intensive process that starts with sitting down with the client, determining what they want and if it’s feasible and getting down to business.

From order until completed product, this is one to two month project.

I can imagine some BMW fans are crying over the loss of a BMW 4-series but I’m sure this Taiwan body shop isn’t cutting working cars.

Most likely they are sourcing these cars from local junkyards. Just because they’re in Taiwan doesn’t mean there aren’t any bad drivers who stuff their sports cars into other cars or immovable objects.

The most impressive part of the process is the craftsmanship it takes to bend sheets of aluminum to extend the rear half of the car, carefully matching the contours and bodylines of the original BMW coupe.

And this is no ordinary trailer as this one’s sporting lowering coil overs, an aero kit, and some widebody wheels, truly a trailer with style. The BMW 4-series car as this customer’s built is already great but that matching trailer really puts it over the top.

My hats off to this body shop. The idea is radical enough, but the execution is exemplary.


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