This stock 1995 Honda Civic hatchback looks as OEM as except it’s hiding a rad secret underneath its hood.

If you want the definition of a sleeper, look no further. A stock-looking 1995 Honda Civic Hatchback in Paradise Blue-Green Pearl popped up for sale in Massachusets and its got one wicked swap underneath the hood.

Here’s a gallery of photos including what you’ll find if you peek inside the engine bay. That’s not a D-series, that’s a K20A2 from the almighty Acura RSX Type S packing 200 HP and 142 lb-ft with a super high 8,000 RPM redline. With the right supporting OEM mods, this hatch might be the ultimate Honda sleeper.

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Here’s the laundry list of what you get for $7,500. The for sale link is here.

  • 1995 HONDA CIVIC HATCHBACK 78k MILES on the body
  • k20A2 type S engine
  • k20A2 type S 6 speed with LSD 
  • HONDATA intake manifold gasket 
  • K-tunes center feed complete fuel system fuel rail fuel regulator fuel filter and fuel lines 
  • K-Tuned A/C P/S Eliminator Delete kit 
  • K-tuned Header 
  • K-tuned OEM SPEC / Street Shifter cable
  • K-tuned Swivel Neck Thermostat Housing
  • K-tuned heater hose
  • K-tuned throttle cable 
  • HYBRID RACING K-series swap cold Air intake 
  • HYBRID RACING k-swap Halfsize radiator 
  • HYBRID RACING Radiator hoses
  • HYBRID racing k-series swap Axles
  • 2.5 exhaust with vibrant muffler 
  • All the parts have less than 20k miles

As with all good sleepers, it’s not all about what’s under the hood as the execution. Except for the black vibrant performance exhaust poking out the rear, no one would know they’re next to something that can put a beat down on them.

The exterior is OEM down to the smallest details. Those 13-inch steel wheels are cleaned up to look factory fresh and even though I can’t get a close look at the tires, that aspect ratio and all-season tread scream economy car.

The wipers look stock, no restoration on the black faded paint revealing chrome underneath.

There’s what looks like an inspection sticker on the driver’s side, playing up the commuter car look, and there are even the stock mudguards on all four corners.

Inside is where it really plays the sleeper part. The entire interior is OEM goodness with the stock floor mats, basic shifter boot, bog-standard buckets, and an instrument cluster without a tachometer. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a trick shift light wired in somewhere.

Although the ad doesn’t mention a tuned engine, with all those supporting mods and a Honda-specific engine management system, maybe this one’s been tuned conservatively to the tune of 200+WHP. It would be a real shame to put all that effort into a clean swap to only have it be slightly faster than a stock B-series.

Can you imagine mounting on a set of aggressive rubber up front and pulling next to some unsuspecting import who wants to have some fun on the highway? The look on his face alone when you blast his doors off is worth the price.

$7,500 might sound steep but for what you get, it’s fair.


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