Two parties got into a shouting match that eventually turned physical at a Popeyes drive-thru in Temecula, California.

Update: CBS News 8 interviewed the lady behind the camera, Gigi Drummond.

Two separate parties got into a verbal and physical altercation at a Temecula Popeyes earlier last week that got so far out of hand local police were called in to diffuse the situation. Inland Empire resident Gigi Drummond caught the dramatic scene in its entirety, from the peak of emotions to local police handling both parties, on her phone, providing noteworthy ESPN-like levels of color commentary.

Check out the videos for yourself in the post below. Just like an anime, watch the videos from top to bottom, left to right.

From what I can gather and based on context clues, it looks like the gentleman doing most of the shouting and instigating witnessed a couple near him in the drive-thru line going through some sort of argument, that might’ve, at one point, turned physical.

This dude had no filter, slinging out all the profanity and even using the n-*ord at several points of the altercation.

As Gigi so aptly pointed out, “He’s not even black.”

In the second video, the confrontation turns physical with the alleged instigator pushing the lady, his significant other just watching from the sidelines not wanting to escalate the situation even further.

If you thought it couldn’t get worse, the whole situation ratchets up a notch when both ladies from opposing parties get into it real cat-like. At this point both the dudes simultaneously get into this Popeyes Royal Rumble, swinging wildly into the hornet’s nest of a fight unfolding.

Several bystanders finally jump in and not a moment too soon as local Riverside police arrive at the scene, diffusing the situation as quickly as it started.

I’ve checked Riverside’s press reports and as of this writing and there are no updates pertaining to this event.

In my opinion, the younger man who started the entire altercation could’ve handled this situation a lot better. Instead of trying to resolve a case of alleged abuse between two people, he could’ve easily called police to handle it.

Popeyes Chicken sandwiches are still a hot item, literally and figuratively, across the United States. People, like in this case, will wait over an hour just for a taste of this supposed epic sandwich. That means people’s patience and hunger are tested, a powder keg of emotions waiting to go off.

Embed from Getty Images

It’s commendable, I guess, to step in when you see an injustice, but if you know in your heart of hearts you can’t handle the situation civally, just call the police.

As for Gigi, the videographer and commentator with the most, the Popeyes manager gave them all free sandwiches and no one got arrested.

“Nobody got arrested­čś│They asked to see the video – I said “sure thing – ummmm – but I’m really sorry about the commentary.

“Oh, and yes, we got the sandwich. It was for my son – he’s going to eat it for breakfast. Manager was nice enough to comp the sandwich so that was good.”

Those other four? They might’ve got chicken sandwiches, but I’m sure it didn’t taste all that good after acting like animals towards each other.


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