If you want definite proof of car gangs exsist, this Nissan 370Z owner’s experience over Facebook Messenger will put your fears to rest.

Car gangs. You thought they’re only part of Need for Speed 2: Underground but they’re for real and running the streets. Ohio resident and Nissan 370Z owner Alex M. Piatt got an interesting proposal over Facebook Messenger earlier this week. A car gang leader, home turf in Hilliard, Ohio, invited Alex to join his sinister crew.

Don’t believe me? Check out the proof below.

Exclusive car clubs and underground car gangs used to do their recruiting face-to-face and through invitation only, but, thanks to the internet, they’re now recruiting over popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Twitter.

In the Facebook exchange, the leader of this car gang lays out what’s what.

“We’re a car gang. We run s**t and they’re scared of us. No one goes against us. Other gangs won’t f*** with us.”

Unbeknownst to Alex and the rest of the world, Ohio has car gang problem with rival gangs driving onto other car gangs turf, messing up the delicate balance of the Ohio underground racing street scene.

When other car gangs drive near Hilliard, Ohio…

“You gotta let them know where they’re at and where they shouldn’t be.

Like all gang activity, this is a 24/7 endeavour and car gangs probably should be vigilant at all times, letting other cars know what’s what.

Unfortunately for Alex, he refused their generous offer to “roam the streets” repping the 614 (Hilliard’s area code.)

If you haven’t realized already, there’s no such thing as car gangs, this guy messaging Alex is a total loon, and this kingpin based out of Hilliard has too much time on his hands.

Everyone is getting a kick out of it, the thread shared over 8,000 times.

But foreal, if you’re in the Hilliard, Ohio area in your straight-piped 240, watch your back. /s


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