These Miami warehouse drag racers had plenty of room to race but not enough room to brake.

Drivers never realize just how inadequate their braking setup is before it’s too late. These hare-brained Miami warehouse drag racers found that out the hard way, by crashing their cars into a canal barrier. Several videos surfaced over Thanksgiving weekend from Miami, FL showing at least two drag races gone bad at an empty warehouse, two cars not stopping in time and crashing, at least one of them flipping over the barrier into the canal.

Check out the hard-to-believe drag races thanks to @FastGuyRacing on Instagram below.

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Based off comments on this post this is a popular drag racing, drifting, and hooning location for bored teenagers with gas to burn. Probably tucked into an industrial area, in the middle of the night, there’s little to no traffic and no one there to bother them.

The first drag race is between some JDM-ified Honda Civic with lots of Type R parts and the latest gen Chevrolet Camaro. While that Camaro probably has the best braking technology to come from GM in the past several decades, that Honda probably has the same brake setup from when it left the factory close to 30 years ago. If it’s a Type R clone, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are drums at the back.

As the imgur image shows, that little Honda Civic hatch got wrecked.

The next drag race is three wide, a recipe for disaster. Towards the end you can make out a Mustang literally flipping over into the storm drain canal. There’re no photos of the aftermath but it couldn’t have been all that good.

Like someone so smartly pointed out in those aforementioned comments, it probably made more sense to start from the barrier towards the street, but that would be too logical.

Apologies for the sub-par resolution on the videos but this is the only place I could source these videos from.

If you’ve got the plug on the original videos, or at least their handles on Instagram, let me know in the comments below!


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