I’m sure this full-sized UTV on the back of a Jeep Gladiator is well within spec of this Jeep’s capabilities but it sure looks sketch.

Even though the Jeep Gladiator’s got one of the smallest beds compared to its competition, that’s not stopping its owners from treating it like a full-sized truck. Thanks to /r/justrolledintotheshop, I’ve come across this Jeep Gladiator’s…err…attempt at safely transporting his single-seater Polaris UTV on the back of his Jeep truck.

Check out the reddit thread below.

So you can afford a new lifted Gladiator and a new Rzr but not a flatbed? I’m sorry but you’re not cool. I’ve seen safer $5 hookers. from r/Justrolledintotheshop

The tail of the tape says the Jeep Gladiator has 1,700 pounds of payload, that is if you’re equipped correctly. This Polaris UTV comes in at around 1,400 pounds which leaves just enough weight for the driver and a pack of gum.

So, technically this UTV+Gladiator combo is still within payload spec. If you’ve got kids or a significant other, you will have to leave them at home.

Polaris UTV’s are also at least 64 inches wide. The Gladiator’s bed is only 56.8 inches which accounts for that couple of inches hanging off the side.

According to someone in the know on that Reddit thread,

“That’s an actual mount kit for the SxS top rack system. Didn’t realize they had one fit for a Gladiator already though.”

Then there’s the question of overall center of gravity. While Jeep’s are plenty capable on the trails with all that suspension articulation, when used as a truck on level ground, it’s a different story. With all that weight up high, I’d be extra careful making turns at speed.

The Polaris UTV on an angle also raises the maximum height of this setup by a couple of feet. This Gladiator can’t even make it into the shop where he’s at.

You can just see the looks of disbelief on these guy’s faces questioning just how safe this setup is.

If you’re just driving your UTV back home a couple of blocks away, this is acceptable, but if you’re driving this aerodynamic disaster down a highway, steer clear of everyone, please.

It’s a Jeep thing, you wouldn’t understand.


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