This Russian Toyota Supra owner met an untimely end after crashing into a pole.

Some heart-wrenching and unbelievable photos surfaced from Russia earlier yesterday (Dec. 2,2019.) According to Toyota Supra enthusiast @InSupra via @Hard_Park on Instagram, an MKIV Toyota Supra owner lost his life driving his pride and joy when he crashed into a pole, literally splitting his car into two pieces.

Here are the handful of photos of the crash shared on Instagram below.

According to the photo source, allegedly this Supra was imported in two parts and then welded together, a common practice when importing a grey market import.

“Supra was imported in two parts, then welded. Bad idea.
Fatal accident.

While it might be illegal to import a whole car from Japan, somehow it’s still legal to cut a car in half, import each half as car parts, and weld them back together wherever they end up, in this case, Russia.

If this alleged fact is true, this Supra owner’s unfortunate experience, identified as @aoefimov on Instagram, should serve as a warning on the dangers of buying these so called “cut and shut” cars.

I’ve seen instances online of cars hitting poles and this is usually not the outcome, a clean cut through the vehicle. At worst, the entire side profile of the car has an impression of whatever it hit, but nothing ever this bad.

If you scroll to the end of the second set of photos, you’ll see what his Supra looked like before.

My heart goes out to his friends, family, and whoever knew @aoefimov online.

While cars are a hobby, lifestyle, and maybe even a career, we must remind ourselves that safety comes first every time we drive, race, wrench, and enjoy our cars.


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