If you wondered why it takes so long for your local dealership to do an oil change, these Subaru techs at a SoCal Dealership might have one reason.

Rain sweeping through California means downtime for businesses. Case in point, this Subaru dealership in Long Beach, California and its handful of techs lip-syncing to “Te Vas Fatal” by El Trono de Mexico. You don’t have to understand Spanish to understand how funny it is. Enjoy!

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i love this place ?

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I’m out of the loop with this Banda challenge and this song but it’s a pretty popular tune to lip sync to on social media for the past two years.

Usually, a group of friends will pick up whatever is around them, copying the popular banda instruments you might find in any good banda group including trumpets, a tuba, cymbals, a keyboard, drums, and lead vocals.

The song title translates to “You look horrible.” You can read up on the song meaning here.

From what I can gather, this man’s gone through a nasty breakup but came out the other side happy and changed while he now realizes his ex still looks…horrible. Confusing, I know, but it’s the internet.

For this Long Beach Subaru dealership you’ve got someone using a damper as a trumpet, two wrenches and an oil rag drum for…drums, brake rotors for cymbals, a tire beader as a tuba, and a flashlight as a mic.

It’s a masterpiece.

And can we take a moment to recognize that man using brake rotors as symbols? Those are heavy as heck.

If you’re still confused about this challenge, check out this one from Thanksgiving weekend.

So, the next time you’re waiting on your oil change for days, peak your head around the corner, they might be doing the “Te Vas Fatal Challenge.”


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