San Diego Fire and Rescue were not taking any risks when they sent a full rescue team in a raft to help a BMW driver stuck in two feet of water….two.

In a certified bruh moment that’s been immortalized for posterity’s sake on Twitter, @TheRealEDub3 captured the “heart-pounding” moment San Diego Fire and Rescue sent out a whole “Seal Team” complete with rescue raft and life jackets to help a stranded BMW driver stuck in two feet of water.

That’s right, you could literally stand in the “flooded” area.

Check out the scene that played out in front of Popeyes on Palm Ave. below.

SoCal is done with its fair share of rain thanks to an Alaskan storm that swept through Northern California, the San Joaquin Valley, and all the way through San Diego.

According to the Union Tribune, on average areas got a whopping two inches of rain over Thanksgiving weekend.

That was enough to overwhelm some storm drainage systems like this intersection on Palm Ave. and Beyer Way.

It’s stereotypical to say that SoCal doesn’t know what to do in the rain but anyone would be overwhelmed by water flooding and immobilizing your car like this BMW owner.

Then again, the flooding wasn’t all that bad. As mentioned, you could stand just fine with water literally coming up to your ankles.

I guess procedures are procedures and for any standing water, rescue rafts and life jackets are deployed.

Then again, if you fall over in the water, you can use your legs to undrown yourself A.K.A. standing up.

I almost lost it when, instead of paddling, they pushed her body on the raft while another fire fighter walked casually beside her.

Here are a handful of gems in response.

San Diego floods 2019. We will rebuild.


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