Just in her mid-20’s, this young lady is literally the first African-American pilot trainee in all of Texarkana, Texas.

Soon to be a commercial pilot and current private pilot license trainee who goes by the name @EbonyVibes on Twitter found out something amazing in the course of her flight studies. According to her flight school and previous records, @EbonyVibes is literally the first African-American pilot trainee in all of Texarkana, Texas.

Texarkana is one of over 200 counties in Texas with a population of over 37,000.

Check out her announcement on Twitter below including an awesome video of her doing her thing, flying thousands of feet above us mere mortals.

A quick scroll through her timeline and it’s clear this young lady has the vision, drive, and a clear goal with what she wants to do in life, to fly airplanes.

Her plan to train as a pilot happened a little over a year ago when she was fed up with her current job and followed her heart.

Just a month later and she already enrolled to get her pilot’s license, making some major moves along the way.

Less than a year later and @EbonyVibes hit us with this epic update which went viral.

The road to become a commercial pilot is, like anything worthwhile, long and challenging, but it looks like @EbonyVibes has the right attitude to get it done.

According to the Texarkana Flying Club and based on her tweet timeline, I can only assume she’s shooting for her private pilot’s license first.

After getting her private license, she can enroll in a commercial airline pilot program where she will need to log at least 1,500 hours of flight time, achievable, on average, in two years. Tuition also costs upwards of $80,000 but she’s already well aware of that.

Like the rest of Twitter, it’s awesome to find out about young people jumping into training for careers they never thought possible.

I’ll be following @EbonyVibes and her upcoming achievements as they roll in.

I can’t wait to update all ya’ll when she graduates from commercial pilot training and lands some killer job flying around the world.


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